Think of any class and loadout.

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4 years ago#11
Bazaar Bargain, SMG and Tribalman's Shiv.

I lose the point. Might not die, but I lose the point.
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4 years ago#12
Stock Pyro

Run back and find a flanking route as I got 8 seconds of uber that prevents them from capping a point. Hopefully I can catch the heavy off guard and kill his meds then him.
If you allow spawn camping, you deserve it. - SuperDS64
4 years ago#13
Scout with Scattergun / Pistol / Atomizer.

I get the hell out of there until the ubercharges fade. Then try to get close while not being noticed and kill at least one medic, preferably 2 before dying (or 3 if the Heavy can't track for SOME reason) and then have the ever so slight hope that an ally will pop up to kill the now remaining Heavy+Medic combo.

Alternatively, body block the Uber Medic in the back with, again, the hope that an ally arrives and kill the Kritz one with something fast.

...Alternate alternatively, jump around the Heavy to delay him but die in vain in the progress due to kritz...
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4 years ago#14
If the Heavy is already looking at me, it doesn't really matter what class/loadout I choose, as he'll rip anything to shreds in a few seconds at most when kritzed, even at long range if he can aim even a little decently.
4 years ago#15
Overdose/Medigun/Frying Pan
I pop my own Ubercharge and Schadenfreude at them.
Protoss is clearly the new alliance race for WoW.
MY LIFE FOR AIURnforge -Ridleysbiggestfan
4 years ago#16
Scout with
Force a' Nature
Bonk! Atomic Punch
My named Holy Mackerel, Nuclear Fishin'.

Bonk away, come back with a fishy vengeance.
I got 'dis.
"Stop fooling around and hand me that reality-breaking hammer." --Reality Caster
4 years ago#17
Sniper with Stock, Jarate, Shahanshah

Changing this when Golden Sun 4 comes out.
4 years ago#18
WarVeterinarian posted...
Dr. Tapeforcicle

Dead Ringer away and attempt to ice them.
Confession Time!
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