What's your favorite class to troll people with?

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User Info: MarioLuigi10

4 years ago#21
scout panning/ sandman ball spamming is really the most annoying sound ever. so i do that
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User Info: tiomasta

4 years ago#22
CaioNV posted...
Sticky Jumper + Caber > all.

That, and do nothing but go for the Snipers, while also having the LnL so you 1-shot them with pills as well

On instantrespawn 2fort
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User Info: Rolen47

4 years ago#23
DemoKnight. Pubs tend to severely underestimate a DemoKnight that can run nearly as fast as a Scout.

User Info: asdfggghh1

4 years ago#24
Oh, I just can't decide!

I have a key bound to Dispenser just for Scout and Heavy, and I have a frying pan for that reason.
I have a full demopan outfit, with strange targe and all.
I have mastered Pootis-POW!, and wish I had a strange Holiday Punch, and my Strange Family Business has over 650 kills.

I feel bad about trolling with Medic, but if the team I'm on is seriously rolling, I'll demand a Spy to uber. I still have never ubered a Scout, but I rarely find one that's both good enough to uber and not already on the other side of the map.

If I'm a Spy, it means you have a lot of bad Snipers. And I will be having a very good time. (This is especially true for KOTH maps)

Though I think the biggest thing is that I never do nothing. Even if I'm needin' a dispenser from an Engineer, no Spy is touching my Engy. I can't just walk around, I need to click on people.
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User Info: DarkThespian

4 years ago#25
Huntsman sniper on enemy battlements, easily
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