What is the most underpowered class in the game?

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4 years ago#21
Soldier and demo take more thought because there is more that they can do. Fast movement speed, splash and real ranged damage open up so many options for them.
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4 years ago#22
I am voting spy. in spite of the fact the dead ringer exists. In fact, the dead ringer might be the best evidence that the spy is underpowered; fact of the matter is, the other watches only allow you to be as good as the other team is bad, whereas the dead ringer gives the spy stupid good escape utility. The fact the dead ringer is an OP frustrating piece of garbage is another topic altogether.

edit: and here I thought I was being clever with the "as good as the other team is bad" thing, when another poster used the same phrase but a few posts are up. *shakes fist half-heartedly*
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4 years ago#23
Dead Ringer is the worst Invisibility Watch. Okay, it prevents the Spy to be underpowered if there are all kinds of bullet/rocket/Sentry/Sandvich (?) spam going on, but it prevents the Spy to be sneaky in the first place. It is the Invisibility Watch that truly relies on the enemy team being bad, as tracking down a Spy that will make a VERY HIGH decloak sound is easy as pie if the team is good, meanwhile a Spy with the other Invisibility Watches can wait hidden for an opportunity. If your team is about to drawn attention from the enemy, cloak BY YOURSELF, get behind enemy lines, if necessary wait just 3 more seconds until people stop Spy-checking and pounce.
Seriously, how people think that the Dead Ringer is OP, if it is almost unusable? A Spy that should be dead running away is annoying, but not OP.
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4 years ago#24
Yes, the dead ringer is loud. So are the other watches. I have lost track of the number of times I have caught a "sneaky" spy decloak behind me, purely based on the extremely loud sound (and I don't even use headphones). The only thing spies have going for them are trick tactics, which while frustrating to fight against, still make them UP because in a straight fight, they lose every time to every class (except maybe, MAYBE, a sniper at close range, but outside of melee range).
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4 years ago#25
Spy is an interesting class. It's the most underpowered, yet when you become a professional like me, it's extreamly over powered. Thats the awesome thing about TF2.
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4 years ago#26
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Wonder what kind of crap is Fritz writing.
Dark, the Dead Ringer makes hard for the Spy to get behind enemy lines because of how easy is to hear the decloak. With the Stock Invisibility Watch or the Cloak and Dagger, you can still hear if the Spy actually uncloaks THAT near you, but he can be just slight farther away and uncloak safely, then proceed to do what I said. Just wait until the enemy team stop looking for you and start shooting at the overhealed Heavy.
If such a thing is taking too long you would rather have the Dead Ringer to be able to kamikaze in, but there is the thing that I said about being hard to get behind and ****.
DR = how good is the enemy team, not how good is the Spy.
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4 years ago#27
This isn't a discussion about the spy watches, this is a discussion about what we feel is the most underpowered class I will admit the DR does not allow spies to do what spies should do. However, it allows them to be "competitive" (re: careless and considerable survivability). The other watches allow the spy to do what they're supposed to do...but even then, they require a combination of luck and general inattentiveness on the other team's part to be effective. Ergo, spy is UP.

And before someone misinterprets what i mean by competitive, I most definitely do not mean 6v6 matches.
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4 years ago#28
I would have to say Spy. My reasoning being that cloak shimmer is really annoying. I could be trying to make it past a few people while invisible, and I usually get hit by some random bullet, and suddenly everyone knows where I am. It feels really frustrating to die because you got hit by a completely random, long-range bullet, or you bump into a scout who decided to move left instead of right down a narrow hallway for no reason.
Not to mention anyone with half a brain can spy-check and ruin everything for you, rendering your disguise 99% useless.
I think that's (at least somewhat) why everyone uses the DR to be honest, since there is no cloak shimmer.
That's just what I think though.
4 years ago#29
Falco_Taveren posted...
No, pyro actually takes like no thought at all. Spam flares and reflect incoming projectiles, and if someone overextends light them, airblast, and flarepunch until they die.

shoot feet get kills

heal heavy win games

play heavy

double jump spam and get gud meatshawts

wack sentry get kills

sticky spam direction you think someone is

Every class can sound easy and braindead like this! :D
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