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User Info: Lord_Vader

4 years ago#1
but what exactly is a "pub" server? I've heard this term thrown around quite often but I still don't understand what it means. What determines whether a server is a "pub" server or a "non-pub" server?
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User Info: asdfggghh1

4 years ago#2
Skial and such. Generally characterized by having absolutely no changes (full crits, damage spread on, everything goes, no class limits, etc.)
Generally has a lower skill level, but "pub stompers", especially on more popular servers, are common.

Expect to see many Snipers, Spies, w+m1 Pyros, as well as frequent amounts of good player either making themselves feel good for winning (usually a black box/gunboat rocket jumper), or people screwing around (such as me as a Mittens Hoovy).
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User Info: Sonorous_Jon1S8

4 years ago#3
Is it a PUG(pick up game) or

then its a pub.

User Info: Slappysoup

4 years ago#4
pub = no password.
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Land Of Gamecubes 4 years ago#5
Slappysoup posted...
pub = no password.

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User Info: Imbackhahahaha

4 years ago#6
pub = public server. A server you can join by going into the server list
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User Info: Shadow_Ninja14

4 years ago#7
Pub = Public game, random people, no organization, anything goes
PUG = Pick Up Game, people who organize teams that communicate and compete, usually extra rules or limitations exist (weapon restrictions, specific class set ups like 6s or highlander, etc.)
Lobby = a pub with more competent people basically, usually has specific class formats as well
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User Info: TimePharaoh

4 years ago#8
Land Of Gamecubes posted...
Slappysoup posted...
pub = no password.


Are you implying there's a non-public public server?
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User Info: Neoconkers

4 years ago#9
if you have 6 snipers, then you're in a pub server
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User Info: Lord_Vader

4 years ago#10
Wow. I didn't know there were so many different types of servers. All this time I've just been entering pubs through the in-game sever browser.
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