Sniper unlock: Jar of Dirt.

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User Info: woolays

4 years ago#1
Replaces jarate/secondary

On throw: makes all enemy items dirty/uncraftable
If it its a player with no items equipped or if they are f2p, It Bans VAC bans them from the server.

-Can only be bought from the mann co store for 250 US dollars. Only one jar/use per purchase.
All hail the mighty woolay.

User Info: DexterTheThird

4 years ago#2
RIP Hero Fly Chao
New posters, read:

User Info: WarVeterinarian

4 years ago#3
1. Make a Premium alt account and fill it with clean Earbuds, Lumbricus Lids, Vita-Saws and other items not normally found in uncraftable quality
2. Use this on your alt account
3. ???
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User Info: ArtificiAI

4 years ago#4
A clam with a pearl inside, Genius!
Still hoping for a sequel to JUS

User Info: Some_Hoar

4 years ago#5
Sniper: I don't usually do the dirty work, mate.
Bald_Money posted...
How many alternate accounts does Some_Hoar have? From the look of things, it's something like 6.

User Info: Croabadrin

4 years ago#6
Dangit, I heard the quote in my head the second I read the title.
"Stop fooling around and hand me that reality-breaking hammer." --Reality Caster

User Info: crunchyfrog99

4 years ago#7
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