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User Info: TectonicImprov

4 years ago#1

Scout Arsenal
Baby Face's Blaster - Dated
Scattergun - Efficient
Force-a-Nature - Efficient
The Shortstop - Efficient
The Soda Popper - Surged Usurper
The Flying Guillotine - Obsolete
The Winger - Obsolete
Pistol - Obsolete
Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol - Obsolete
Crit-a-Cola - Obsolete
Bonk! Atomic Punch - Dated
Mad Milk - Tobor Annihilator
Boston Basher - Obsolete
Wrap Assassin - Obsolete
Candy Cane - Obsolete
The Sun-on-a-Stick - Obsolete
Bat/Holy Mackerel/etc. - Dated
The Atomizer - Dated
The Sandman - Efficient
The Fan-o-War - Efficient

Soldier Arsenal
The Rocket Jumper - Obsolete
The Direct Hit - Obsolete
The Cow Mangler 5000 - Dated
Rocket Launcher - Dated
The Liberty Launcher - Dated
The Black Box - Surged Usurper
The Beggar's Bazooka - Tobor Annhilator
Shotgun - Obsolete
The Reserve Shooter - Obsolete
The Battalion's Backup -Obsolete
The Mantreads - Obsolete
The Gunboats - Obsolete
The Concheror - Dated
The Righteous Bison - Tobor Annhilator
The Buff Banner - Tobor Annhilator
The Pain Train - Obsolete
Shovel - Obsolete
The Market Gardener - Obsolete
The Equalizer - Obsolete
The Half-Zatoichi - Dated
The Disciplinary Action - Dated
The Escape Plan - Surged Usurper

Pyro Arsenal
The Phlogistinator - Obsolete
The Backburner - Dated
The Degreaser - Dated
Flamethrower - Surged Usurper
The Reserve Shooter - Obsolete
The Manmelter - Obsolete
Shotgun - Dated
The Detonator - Efficient
The Flare Gun - Efficient
The Scorch Shot - Efficient
Fire Axe - Obsolete
Sharpened Volcano Fragment - Obsolete
The Back Scratcher - Obsolete
The Neon Annihilator - Obsolete
The Powerjack - Dated
The Homewrecker - Efficient
The Third Degree - Efficient
The Axtinguisher - Efficient

Demoman Arsenal
Ali Baba's Wee Booties - Obsolete
The Loch-n-Load - Efficient
The Loose Cannon - Surged Usurper
Grenade Launcher - Surged Usurper
The Sticky Jumper - Obsolete
The Splendid Screen - Obsolete
The Chargin' Targe - Dated
Stickybomb Launcher - Surged Usurper
The Scottish Resistance - Tobor Annihilator
The Pain Train - Obsolete
The Claidheamh Mr - Obsolete
The Ullapool Caber - Obsolete
Bottle - Dated
The Persian Perusader - Dated
The Scotsmans Skullcutter - Dated
The Half-Zatoichi - Efficient
The Eyelander - Efficient

Heavy Arsenal
The Tomislav - Obsolete
The Huo-Long Heater - Efficient
The Natascha - Efficient
Minigun - Surged Usurper
The Brass Beast - Surged Usurper
Shotgun - Obsolete
The Buffalo Steak Sandvich - Obsolete
The Family Business - Obsolete
The Dalokohs Bar - Dated
The Sandvich - Efficient
Fists - Obsolete
The Warrior's Spirit - Obsolete
The Holiday Punch - Obsolete
The Eviction Notice - Obsolete
The Killing Gloves of Boxing - Efficient
The Fists of Steel - Efficient
The Gloves of Running Urgently - Efficient
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User Info: TectonicImprov

4 years ago#2
Engineer Arsenal
Shotgun - Dated
The Pomson 3000 - Dated
The Widowmaker - Surged Usurper
The Frontier Justice - Surged Usurper
The Rescue Ranger - Tobor Annihilator
Pistol - Obsolete
The Short Circuit - Obsolete
The Wrangler - Tobor Annihilator
The Gunslinger - Obsolete
The Eureka Effect - Obsolete
The Southern Hospitality - Dated
Wrench - Efficient
The Jag - Efficient

Medic Arsenal
Syringe Gun - Dated
The Blutsauger -Efficient
The Overdose - Efficient
The Crusader's Crossbow - Surged Usurper
The Quick-Fix - Obsolete
Medigun - Obsolete
The Vaccinator - Efficient
The Kritzkrieg - Surged Usurper
Bonesaw - Obsolete
The Solumn Vow - Obsolete
The Vita-Saw - Dated
The Amputator - Efficient
The Ubersaw - Surged Usurper

Sniper Arsenal

Obsolete - Underpowered
Dated - Underbalanced
Efficient - Balanced
Surged Usurper - Overbalanced
Tobor Annihilator - Overpowered

It's not like the Sniper Rifle can't be useful, but a few other rifles are just must more useful, Dated.
Yo yo yo 1 4 8 3 to the 3 6 to the 9, representing the ABQ. What up, ******!
Majora's Mask is overrated. People who agree: 25 (PM your opinion, good, or bad.)

User Info: Imbackhahahaha

4 years ago#3
Dated. It CAN work but there are much much better options
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User Info: rampardosrules

4 years ago#4
There is such a thing as a Hitman's Heatmaker, so it's pretty much Dated.
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User Info: WarVeterinarian

4 years ago#5
Machina, Sleeper and Heatmaker are far superior choices over it, so I'm going with Dated.
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User Info: Oil_Rope_Bombs

4 years ago#6
"Haha, the Degreaser is FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR from the best Pyro primary." - Dore

User Info: Board_hunter567

4 years ago#7
It's just not very well suited for this mode.

User Info: Executioner232

4 years ago#8
Dated, this gun isnt exactly a good gun here, but if its all you got its better than your smg
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User Info: Neff

4 years ago#9
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User Info: MahoganyTooth92

4 years ago#10
Why use a stock weapon when you could have an essentially free added effect?
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