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Heavy primary idea: reflecting beam?

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3 years ago#1
Trying to fill 2 Heavy niches with this idea: a higher skill ceiling primary and a sci-fi themed weapon like the Pompson/Cow Mangler/etc.

. Instead of spinning up for rapid fire, charges up for a single shot (each shot needs to be charged).
. Beam reflects off up to 2 surfaces. Each time it reflects its damage falloff is reset (i.e. damage falloff after reflection is calculated from the previous point the beam struck)
. While charging up, a thin pointer beam appears to show the path the actual beam will take. The pointer beam intensifies as the weapon approaches full charge, much like sniper rifle laser points. The beam is visible to enemies so the Heavy can't just blind fire around corners.
+ Beam penetrates enemy players but not buildings.
+ Requires no ammo.
- Does only 20% damage to buildings.
- Does significantly less dps than miniguns.

I'm not sure how much damage this should do per shot. 60? 90?

Also not sure how long the charge time should be. The same as stock spinup time, or more/less?

EDIT: Corrected damage suggestions. Earlier numbers were point-blank damage values.

Couple of other notes: The beam can only effect an enemy once, it does not reflect if the angle is too deep, and it does damage the Heavy it he reflects it on himself.
3 years ago#2
holy CRAP now thats what I call overpowered
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3 years ago#3
We could take out the penetration & no ammo bonuses. I'd prefer to lower the base damage rather than reduce damage on each bounce though, as trick shots should be encouraged.

EDIT: Ah, no wonder it seems overpowered; the damage I gave was for point-blank range. I meant damage more in the ballpark of a rocket or shotgun shot (minus spread).
3 years ago#4
The primary reason it's OP is the "damage fall off reset after bounce". Also, we all know what damage fall off is. A half-intelligent player will simply hop onto a miniscule piece of geometry to give a 1 degree angle to reflect and hit people in the toes/shins and get full damage. Or just bounce it off all the ceilings.

To make that low of damage viable (60-90 as you have it), you need to have a decently fast firing speed. If it's out DPS'd by even Natascha, you have a situation in which "Why would use it over stock?" It might be better at long range, but if you're half competent, you can get into range and not pretend to be a sniper.

In fact, this sound sooo much more like a Machina replacement than it does a minigun.
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3 years ago#5
Hmm, how about this then: The falloff doesn't reset after bounce, but each time it hits an enemy the beam's damage increases.

Meh, maybe someone else can think of a long-range high skill weapon that isn't so similar to the sniper rifle.

EDIT: If mid range weapons are more acceptable, maybe something that rewards maintaining the crosshair on moving targets, with bigger rewards based on the movement speed. Damage based on % of movement speed, with the % increasing the longer the target is in the Heavy's direct line of fire?
3 years ago#6
i think engi needs some kind of orbital strike weapon and demo needs a close range secondary.
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3 years ago#7
MoparMan94_2 posted...
i think engi needs some kind of orbital strike weapon and demo needs a close range secondary.

Dozens of critting pans fall from the sky.

valve get on it pls
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3 years ago#8
I don't think they would be able to program the beam bounces properly
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3 years ago#9
i think the penetration is fine, but damage should never reset.
Its a laser it should only get weaker the farther it goes.
maybe instead of one strong beam, it should shoot like the minigun, for regular damage, and its damage should be cut in half every time it bounces or penetrates an enemy.
So say the heavy shoots, and gets a 10 damage hit on a heavy, the laser goes through the heavy and deals 5 damage to the medic behind him, bounces off the wall behind both of them, and comes back dealing 2 damage to the medic, and 1 damage to the heavy through the second pass.
medic would take 7 damage per shot, heavy would take 11 damage per hit. so it would be a trade off of damage for mass hurt power.
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