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Spy Revolver idea: One Shot WonderSuperDS2275/11 10:21AM
Do you like Mannpower Mode? (Poll)
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PS4_IS_BEAST195/11 8:56AM
der fren of titanstrkTitanStrike55/10 3:16PM
Soldier melee idea: the Rushmore FireworkSuperDS2215/10 7:52AM
The full length TF2 (Gmod) featured film.SuperDS2225/10 5:01AM
DAE think engineer is a cutie (Archived)
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halomonkey1_3_5125/9 11:24AM
Hale's Own bragging topic (legitimate only, not farmed) (Archived)
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admo135/8 3:22PM
Who "mercs" for the Mercs? (Archived)SuperDS2225/8 2:52PM
Demoman needs a bagpipe gun (Archived)Zednark25/7 10:17PM
minigun (Archived)bob742omb55/7 6:49PM
Demoman unlock: The Futile Flail (Archived)woolays35/7 3:58PM
Fact: Playing James Bond theme songs in the b/g will make you a better Spy (Archived)SuperDS2245/6 11:46PM
I would like a Team Fortress 3 that takes place during the Hat Wars (Archived)Ratgoo35/6 9:13PM
ps Ambassador is still op (Archived)
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halomonkey1_3_5165/6 4:47PM
ATTN low-sens whoring bad players(kittyonFYRE / TitANstrike and your ilk) (Archived)
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halomonkey1_3_5155/6 6:14AM
I bet everyone already know this, I'm gonna post it anyways. (Archived)Apalapan95/6 4:27AM
New(ish) player here. Just looking for some opinions/pointers. (Archived)
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deadANDrotted165/5 4:05PM
Is there a way to make it so that when someone manually calls for medic (Archived)
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Arc166125/4 4:20PM
TF2 to get Competitve matchmaking: Valve still cares (Archived)
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ZMythos385/3 11:20AM
how to play good (Archived)bob742omb95/3 8:53AM