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Discuss the Balance: What's next?
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TectonicImprov271/20 2:25PM
I've discovered how to properly sentry.Zero_Destroyer31/20 1:44PM
The Black Box seems to jump a bit lower with rocket jumpsOshawottGuy491/20 12:45PM
TF2 Sniper porn a part of the gay brainwashing, according to Russian TV station
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
SalsaSavant131/20 3:26AM
people get serious in this game (video)ThineEnemy61/19 3:52PM
Do you think Team Fortress 3 will be free-to-play? (Poll)Mute_Guardian721/19 2:00PM
Do you guys think the Mini-Dispenser will ever happen?CaioNV91/19 1:56PM
Well this is officially the current best parody of 2015 in sfm.SuperDS2251/19 10:44AM
Rank ALL the Weapons - Part 24 - The Panic Attack - Pyro
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Garquill141/19 8:42AM
Rank ALL the Weapons - Part 24 - The Panic Attack - Engie & SoldierGarquill71/19 8:41AM
Spy unlock: The Guerrilla's ShadowWarVeterinarian51/19 7:32AM
need sub 4 4v4
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TitanStrike271/18 8:54PM
Rebalancing 4 Heavy weapons.Zero_Destroyer41/18 7:42PM
Help with TF2 Commandsleevanf141/18 3:45PM
Buffing the Kunai.Zero_Destroyer51/18 9:33AM
Valve should spin off a third person stealth action game starring the SpyTriForceOmelet81/17 7:42PM
oh wow, lol (Archived)
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SuperDS22271/17 10:41AM
Discuss the Balance: Smissmas 2014 Rebalances (Featuring the Eureka Effect!) (Archived)
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TectonicImprov341/17 10:29AM
Is there a visual setting in the cfg that makes Killstreak Sheens show up better (Archived)NME_Enterprises61/16 3:58PM
ITT: Team Fortress 2 quotes, again! (Archived)
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CaioNV221/16 3:41PM