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Is Demoman the Illuminati? (Archived)TriForceOmelet43/27 6:51PM
where did the idea of the grappling hook being a spy weapon come from (Archived)
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halomonkey1_3_5153/26 2:51AM
Soldier unlock: Grievous Gyrojet (Archived)woolays23/25 9:22PM
The maps I've played a lot ranked (Archived)Zero_Destroyer23/25 2:55PM
Why is the Eternal Reward so bad (Archived)
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Zero_Destroyer403/25 1:50PM
Item Set: The Massachusetts Musashi (Scout) (Archived)
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Zednark113/25 12:57PM
What can Valve do to improve Mannpower? (Poll)
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Muster128163/24 8:25PM
Are there weapons that are only available in the store? (Archived)Grape73/24 1:38PM
Well updated MannPower mode was fun. (Archived)
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SuperDS22133/24 7:06AM
Plz vote. (Archived)SuperDS2263/23 2:44AM
probablyaserver tf2 servers petition (Archived)TitanStrike83/22 5:02PM
Well this happened...again. (Archived)SuperDS2213/20 7:43PM
Heavy primary unlock: The Double Down (Archived)qwertyman200243/20 1:39AM
Anyone here go on jump servers? (Archived)
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nesis163/19 12:00PM
List of Thing Valve Should've Added Already (Archived)SuperDS2263/18 5:16PM
Update incoming! March 18th! (Archived)GeneralFox63/18 5:13PM
Engineer unlock idea: Digital Duck Hunter (Archived)
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The_Letter_K113/17 3:42PM
Need a dispenser here (Archived)
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BigTee66113/17 3:11PM
Post your weapon loadout here: (Archived)
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ChefTorte213/17 8:50AM
Is there any way to access the new taunts besides the Mann Co. Store? (Archived)TriForceOmelet43/16 10:01PM