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most underrated gun (Archived)
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Help, can't even start game (Archived)Eddydafish412/28/2008
I don't know if this epic picture has been posted on here... (Archived)
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Adult Sprays. (Archived)
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Umm... What do you guys mean by... civilian? (Archived)Sony_7812/28/2008
why why why (Archived)woahy_Oh612/28/2008
Opinion on light voice spamming? (Archived)Who_is_Scorpion812/28/2008
Possible New Map Type (Archived)Dopeoddy3712/28/2008
Vince IS the Scout, PROOF. (Archived)Poseidenj612/28/2008
Is it possible (Archived)Mage_Of_Flames1012/28/2008
I think there should be a slight delay for a sapper to activate, but... (Archived)n00bshark1012/28/2008
SO I bought this game on my crappy PC a while ago, now I'm getting a new PC. (Archived)
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Messing around with gmod, and I found theres a skin for a white intel. (Archived)
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Anyone have a guest pass? (Archived)Ricochet888812/27/2008
Problem with gamepad (for this and TOB in general) (Archived)
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Is it worth playing this game with a Nividia GeForce 6600GT?? (Archived)Anonymoss1012/27/2008
Pyros should do more damage against sentries (Archived)
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Is this like Dungeons and Dragons? (Archived)MasterOtenko812/27/2008
the heavy just got a lot fatter (Archived)iluvpie131912/27/2008
Find me this comic please. (Archived)1337PJ312/27/2008