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How is this for a vaccinator name and description?MindManipulator77/20 7:36AM
Serious idea: They Should Add the Mad Scientist to the game
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Coxerboxer137/19 8:32PM
> Has less than 10 healthCaioNV77/19 6:11PM
Is there a mod? (Archived)gamesisgood57/19 4:40PM
100% Proof that Pyro is a guy!!!! (Archived)
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PS4_IS_BEAST217/19 1:09PM
Good custom servers? (Archived)
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0AbsolutZero0237/19 7:30AM
PSA: The Medigun gives 24 h/s in combat situations. (Archived)
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MoparMan94_2117/18 11:35AM
People who talk trash over text need to man up. (Archived)
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buddyboigiru227/17 7:32PM
Fat Engy is best Engy! (Archived)CrescentKnight77/17 6:51PM
Serious topic: they should add a radar to this game (Archived)
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Coxerboxer117/17 5:58PM
serious idea: Third person (Archived)Coxerboxer67/17 2:33PM
Man, Beggar's Bazooka + Battle Banner actually works. (Archived)CaioNV87/17 10:45AM
Rank ALL the Weapons - Part 3 - Heavy Melee & Secondary (Archived)
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Garquill477/17 9:51AM
Black Box Price Check? (Archived)HollowPaladin37/17 12:15AM
I am looking for a mod/console command to make the POV to the head. (Archived)OverlordRauz27/16 9:36PM
Scattergun Primary Ranking (Archived)Coxerboxer47/16 8:10PM
Good new class: The painter of all surfaces (Archived)NotSnowske67/16 10:31AM
New Item: The Stylish Benchwarmer (Archived)TriForceOmelet27/16 9:39AM
"guys everyone go class xyz" (Poll)TitanStrike97/16 7:27AM
if the scout has a ninja set what is the point of a spy class?>?? (Archived)
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BaeI117/16 5:37AM