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What the hell (Archived)
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Zero_Destroyer134/13 9:55PM
Board is DED (Archived)
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TriForceOmelet224/13 10:23AM
who still buys tf2 backpacks? (Archived)MoparMan94_294/13 5:11AM
double donk is bm (Archived)halomonkey1_3_544/11 8:07AM
So, I was healing a pyro today because he was on fire. . . (Archived)Gamer714764/11 5:31AM
Live and Let Spy [ SFM ] (Archived)GeneralFox34/10 10:37PM
"You can't deny game balance has been drastically improved in TF2" (Archived)
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SillyFunTimes364/10 7:54PM
Are there any UK/Western Europe servers left? (Archived)Solasun14/10 5:29PM
A complete list of weapons not yet strangified. (Archived)Zero_Destroyer94/9 1:35PM
TF2 update for 03/31/15 (Archived)
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NME_Enterprises164/7 9:32PM
who's got that video of the sniper shooting the demo's stickybomb (Archived)MoparMan94_264/7 8:55PM
Heavy unlock: Magnetic Manipulator (Archived)woolays34/7 6:03PM
When did you start playing Team Fortress 2? (Archived)
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GuyWhoGames314/6 10:51AM
Engineer Sentry Replacement Idea: Tesla Coil (Archived)GeneralFox24/6 3:29AM
Gabe puts 20 dollars into your Steam wallet. What do you buy? (Archived)
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paladin_man194/3 10:12PM
Maps I've played a lot ranked (v2) (Archived)Zero_Destroyer54/2 8:32PM
The Demoman needs additional weapon slots (Archived)BaeI24/1 8:43PM
Sniper unlock: The Shooter's Shiving Shooter (Archived)woolays63/31 5:30PM
Snipers get absolutely p***ed when you pan them while they trumpet taunt (Archived)
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TriForceOmelet113/31 4:19AM
ne wepon ide (Archived)TitanStrike53/29 8:00PM