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WhO else Likes To play Friendly Heavy (Archived)
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Coxerboxer197/11 5:19AM
Help with a Medic set? (Archived)GgabrielBR37/10 6:25PM tells me I have no keys when I do have one. :/ Help? (Archived)El_Dustino67/10 5:36PM
attn: buddyboyrapgamegiru (Archived)
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BaeI167/10 3:57PM
Different Roles (Poll)
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OshawottGuy4197/10 2:21PM
July 9, 2014 Patch (Archived)Apalapan67/10 2:02PM
why is sniper a class in tf2 (Archived)
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Coxerboxer227/10 1:06PM
Bread Box is officially rare and valuable (Archived)
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TriForceOmelet127/10 9:13AM
pyro is a class for people who are new to fpses (Archived)
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Coxerboxer207/10 8:36AM
"That was awful healing spree" (Archived)BigTee6667/9 7:50PM
You have the option to... (Archived)
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Nopegineer147/9 6:15PM
When do you guys think we'll get Strange versions of the new weapons? (Archived)CaioNV107/9 12:09PM
Update 7/8/14 (Archived)
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buddyboigiru227/9 1:02AM
Good knife to learn the spy? (Archived)
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CodyTwoHottie177/8 11:54PM
Did you win or lose your last Team Fortress 2 match? (Poll)CaioNV97/8 10:36PM
Soldier Unlock: The Ballistic Bulwark (Archived)SarnBody27/8 5:58PM
Heavy slight unnerfed. NOT as good as before. (Archived)CaioNV47/8 5:22PM
"dont hurt me guis, im friendly" (Archived)
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SalsaSavant287/8 5:17PM
July 8th: New blog post (Archived)Apalapan47/8 5:04PM
Engineer unlock: The Strongmann's Spanner (Archived)woolays77/8 5:02PM