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Is there a way to bind one key to say 3 lines of text? (Archived)SuperDS2281/25 4:01AM
spy revolver idea - Leechman's Longbarrel (Archived)guncaddy41/25 2:09AM
Odd question: why is Team Fortress 2 not popular on Twitch? (Archived)
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SteelBeetle301/24 8:30PM
Is anyone else sick of this game? (Archived)
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Yoni_Freecss441/24 4:12PM
i'm trying to go for the World Traveler achivement, but no Hydro servers? (Archived)ROBANN_8891/24 3:47AM
Who is more likely to win: 12 Atomizer Scouts vs 12 Fists of Steel Heavies? (Poll)
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PS4_IS_BEAST121/23 11:57AM
clean tf2 is a thing (Archived)
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Falco_Taveren211/23 6:36AM
Is the Strange Rainblower worth anything? (Archived)Killzonegaming21/22 10:22PM
The worse-than-Woolays Weapon Ideas! Series #33: The Spydinja. (Archived)Apalapan81/22 6:04PM
There should be more Nightmare MvM maps (Archived)Member_1331/22 6:03PM
Episode 2: Current Best Colab of 2015 (Archived)SuperDS2281/22 7:46AM
adventures of bojangles on dustbowl (Archived)
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TitanStrike241/21 8:04PM
how better sniper get (Archived)
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Later_dude181/21 2:30PM
Help Me plz (Archived)
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MegaDarkrai123111/21 5:33AM
Those airshots... Were insane. (Archived)CaioNV31/20 7:50PM
Do you think Team Fortress 3 will be free-to-play? *updated* (Poll)Mute_Guardian711/20 6:13PM
Who is more likely to win: 12 sun-on-stick scouts or 12 eviction notice heavies? (Poll)
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woolays121/20 4:44PM
Discuss the Balance: What's next? (Archived)
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TectonicImprov271/20 2:25PM
I've discovered how to properly sentry. (Archived)Zero_Destroyer31/20 1:44PM
The Black Box seems to jump a bit lower with rocket jumps (Archived)OshawottGuy491/20 12:45PM