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Medic unlock: Evil Entrepreneur's Elixir (Archived)woolays72/25 3:28PM
Stock Syringe Gun... (Archived)
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CaioNV202/25 12:09AM
Do Battaion's Backup and Conch effects stack? (Archived)SuperDS2282/23 6:16PM
Spy And Sentry (Archived)
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St_Kevin122/23 5:41PM
made another hitsound because the other is "disruptive" (Archived)Later_dude82/23 8:05AM
razorback (Archived)
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TitanStrike122/22 8:26PM
Question about the Valve Store (Archived)zero_x30082/22 11:29AM
Thinking back to Meet the Spy, I now appreciate the 2 ironies. (Archived)
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SuperDS22112/20 6:12PM
my trickstabs montage (Archived)Slurzen22/20 11:03AM
Come on, we're all guilty of this. (Archived)SuperDS2272/19 10:19AM
Imagine a Spy Revolver that can one hit kill in some circumstances... (Archived)CaioNV82/19 9:56AM
How do I edit my TF2 classes stats? (Archived)GodDammitRoss82/18 10:53PM
Update Incoming! Feb 18th, 2015 (Archived)GeneralFox92/18 8:27PM
endif me (Archived)
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TitanStrike112/17 9:51PM
Will team fortress 2 last the rest of our lives? (Archived)
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Mindbend8er182/17 3:53PM happened. (Archived)SuperDS2292/17 11:12AM
The Demoman needs additional weapon slots (Archived)Board_hunter56772/16 7:34PM
The Cloak and Dagger is the only Invisibility Watch I have been using. (Archived)
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CaioNV282/16 12:20AM
As an engineer, what do I do once my stuff is built? (Archived)
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DarkOceanNights152/15 10:12PM
Premium effectively $5 with Mann Co Online Store being gone? (Archived)
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Celebratox152/15 6:44PM