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Scout hat idea (Archived)The_Letter_K88/26 3:57AM
why does amby exist (Archived)
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Later_dude248/25 4:29PM
I just realised how similar the demoman's grenades are... (Archived)
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pigfish99138/25 4:18PM
Soldier unlock: the mortar (Archived)TitanStrike108/25 9:00AM
why doesnt the medic tell me my uber % out loud (Archived)halomonkey1_3_588/25 7:33AM
the save replay feature is stupid and does not make any sense (Archived)
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Spokkerjones128/25 5:51AM
ITT: Team Fortress 2 quotes. (Archived)
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CaioNV508/25 3:16AM
Know what's overrated? cp_badlands (Archived)
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CaioNV138/24 9:21PM
is it possible to make private matches? (Archived)thatauthor88/24 5:12PM
TF2 Birthday (Archived)GreenDay42k38/24 12:26PM
Soldier Loadout Idea: The Castaway (Archived)TheShadowMan68348/24 7:44AM
Dat Grand Finals... (i52 LAN) (Archived)ThineEnemy38/24 4:20AM
So is anyone watching i52 right now? (Archived)
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LivingInPapaya308/23 2:43PM
Soldier Set Idea: The Anger Management (Archived)EkaSwede98/23 12:03PM
Black Mesa looks as if it's getting Promotional items (Archived)GeneralFox58/23 10:41AM
More screenshots because I say so (Archived)MahoganyTooth9298/23 7:40AM
So they fixed the manmelter and the classic. (Archived)machine97768/23 5:25AM
What does it say about me that I only play... (Archived)
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MichaelJones84228/23 4:07AM do people get those baller hats/gear? (Archived)Tryscal The Great98/22 10:03PM
I can't help but think the only people that really rage are... (Archived)OshawottGuy478/22 10:01PM