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As Medic in Mann vs. Machine, is upgrading Ubercharge important at all? (Archived)
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CaioNV138/13 6:08PM
Good new Sniper update (Archived)NotSnowske38/13 6:01PM
ok tf2 gamefaqs board (Archived)BaeI78/13 10:01AM
Scout - Crit-A-Cola vs. Bonk! Atomic Punch (Poll)
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Akutura238/13 1:01AM
Pyro Secondary Idea :D (Archived)Akutura108/13 12:47AM
WTF, the only class I can play is Scout and Medic (Archived)
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YM_Smash128/12 4:47PM
How to join MGE server? (Archived)SW_FFXIfan58/12 4:29PM
Argument on why The Scout from Team Fortress 2 is the best class of all time. (Archived)
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BaeI178/12 12:47PM
Update Idea: Rustic Rumble (Archived)
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EkaSwede118/12 5:25AM
Cp_Snowplow now open to testing (Archived)Imbackhahahaha48/11 8:50PM
Am i the only one who builds a base on the enemy sewers at 2fort using Engineer? (Archived)
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harcoreblazer248/11 7:35PM
why dont sprays display anymore D: (Archived)
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Luster_Sly128/11 12:11PM
anyonw want to play? (Archived)Delta_F1418/11 1:09AM
Scout - Scattergun vs. Baby Face's Blaster (Rematch) (Poll)
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Akutura288/10 9:30PM
Scout - Force-A-Nature vs. Baby Face's Blaster (Rematch) (Poll)Akutura98/10 8:27PM
Asteroid feels like a soldier's paradise right now. (Archived)The Fir Coat18/10 11:44AM
Friendly reminder that when you force a spy to active their Dead Ringer (Archived)
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SillyFunTimes238/10 5:43AM
scouts seem to kill me much faster than i can kill anyone else as scout. tips? (Archived)
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Emo Preppy Kid148/10 3:37AM
Heavy Unlock Idea (Archived)The_Letter_K68/9 8:37PM
Impossible to set up Teleporters anymore (Archived)Akutura98/9 8:17PM