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Awful Idea: The new class specific taunts now have added effects! (Archived)EkaSwede28/1 12:48AM
Update (Archived)
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Imbackhahahaha197/31 7:02PM
Rank ALL the Weapons - Part 6 - Pyro primaries (Archived)
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Garquill457/31 3:42PM
How do I get rich in this game? (Archived)YoureWaifu87/31 3:11PM
Spy Primary Unlock: The EMP (Archived)
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TriForceOmelet127/31 10:22AM
Shamelessly self-promoting screenshot thread (Archived)
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MahoganyTooth92217/31 5:31AM
Tips from Coxerboxer Part 7 How To Get Good at Sniper (Archived)Coxerboxer57/31 3:09AM
Help me with TF2 (Archived)Coxerboxer77/30 7:53PM
Team Fortress two items that are from other games (Archived)PS4_IS_BEAST87/30 3:36PM
will there be TF2 promos in this game (Archived)BaeI77/30 2:01PM
I am DONE with this game Part Treux (Archived)Coxerboxer77/30 1:58PM
c/d airfield is a bad map (Archived)TitanStrike47/30 12:34PM
Team Fortress 2 items that are from other games (Archived)TheUberSandvich67/30 10:20AM
Does the console command "mat_phong 0" make the game run smoother? (Archived)
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GuyWhoGames127/30 6:03AM
Team Fortress 2 items from different games (Archived)TheUberSandvich27/29 4:31PM
Good way to practice ambassador headshots? (Archived)
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PS4_IS_BEAST137/29 3:51PM
how do he do this? (Archived)halomonkey1_3_537/29 11:58AM
Spotted someone using aimbot (Archived)Tamondaichi67/29 8:54AM
cheatin little bastard (Archived)bnui_ransder57/29 12:37AM
C/D: the L'Etranger is horrible, horrible, horrible. (Archived)
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CaioNV257/28 10:31PM