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Is anyone else having this ragdoll glitch? (Archived)
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Apalapan2010/16 2:20PM
TF2 Update: October 15th, 2014 (Archived)
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PepsiWithCoke1410/15 8:08PM
You know what I miss? Sticky jumping with eight bombs. (Archived)
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CaioNV1610/14 1:11PM
Heavy Unlock: Giant Laser Pointer (Archived)NeoDaigo410/14 12:30PM
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Item that NEEDS to exist - Mann Co. Mystery Box (Archived)Sailor_Razor510/12 9:03PM
Horrible Heavy Unlock that everyone's going to hate. (Archived)Sailor_Razor810/12 9:03PM
If the heavy got an alternate primary style, what would it be like? (Archived)
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Sailor_Razor1710/12 9:01PM
Is Ms. Pauling were a class, what would she do? (Archived)
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Sailor_Razor1710/12 9:01PM
Should these buffs be given to the Spy in Mann vs Machine? (Archived)Sailor_Razor910/12 8:59PM
Something for the Scout - The Dollar Shaver. (Archived)Sailor_Razor410/12 8:58PM
Spy in Mann vs Machine. (Archived)Sailor_Razor910/12 8:56PM
Something for the Sniper - Big Daddy Boomerang (Archived)
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Sailor_Razor1510/12 8:56PM
More stupid quick-shot item concepts. (Archived)Sailor_Razor610/12 8:55PM
Should these buffs be given to the Spy's arsenal? (Archived)
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Sailor_Razor1510/12 8:55PM
Squad Surplus Vouchers are a weird thing. (Archived)Sailor_Razor510/12 8:54PM