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7 years ago#1
I'm used to playing a lot of RPG's where you have time to think about your next move. I borrowed this game from my friend yesterday because I heard awesome things about it, but wow it's very hard. I beat God of War a long time ago, but that was pretty easy. It's just hard to adapt to a fast paced game like DMC after Final Fantasy, so my skill on these kinds of games is not very high. This is an amazing game so far even though I'm on Mission 3, but I can't seem to beat the Spider boss. I think I died 5 times. The farthest I got was half his health bar. Any tips? I looked in the FAQ's but they didn't seem to help. Thanks in advance. Also, I'm guessing since I can't beat the first boss, this game is going to be hell to get through. But the story seems awesome, so I wasnt to beat it.
7 years ago#2
Purchase the skill Air Raid and spam it constantly. When you run out of DT, get a pillar between you and Phantom and taunt (R2 button) until your DT is filled back up. Then repeat. Usually works on Normal. A more advanced tactic is to buy Air Hike and use Alastor's aerial attack on his rear. If you hit it just right, it will take a massive chunk off his life bar (I think about a third on Normal).

And Phantom is actually one of the biggest obstacles for new players. The bosses after will probably not seem quite as hard. But don't let that make you think that they're easy, either.
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7 years ago#3
I agree with Faust..this is my strategy:at the beginning at mission 3, buy "Stinger" and Air raid.
Play through mission 3 as normal..
Spam air raid and do air slashes at the phantom *the boss*
After kicking his ass..get the blue orb frags in mission 3 (theres 3, crit hit secret mission, Blue orb piece on top of the bridge (gotta kick off the wall), and the one at the other side of bridge (only activates after bridge collaspes)
Oh btw, if you think this boss is hard (it was when i first started), don't even get me started on the groups of shadows you fight later in the game
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7 years ago#4
Through memorizing attack patterns to perfecting dodgeroll, I beat him. But now, in the hallway on Mission 4, he comes running again and I died over and over and over again. He seems much harder in the hallway. I got lucky and beat him once in the hallway, but that stupid morphing shadow in the other room killed me and I got a game over, which caused me to have to fight spider over again in the hallway. Now I can't beat him again. I'm terrible at these games I guess. Oh well, I guess I'll keep trying.
7 years ago#5
If possible, get vortex, it will help you ALOT! also, did you know that in mission 4's hallway is completely optional? when you get to the door, IMMEDIATELY open the door, but i would not suggest this since you will have to do something like this....2 more times, and phantom gives alot of orbs, which can help your S rank
Oh and the shadow thing is kinda easy, if you know what your doing (i still have problems with that mother#$%^er) Just spam shotgun on the #$%^& and when you see a ball thingy come out, turn on devil trigger and slash at him like theres no tomorrow. Best of luck, Devil hunter
I am so smart! I am so smart! S-M-R-T! i mean SMART!
7 years ago#6
srry, im not good at explaining the misson 4 crap eh?
ok then, ill go step by step on what to do
1.)walk to the second door (the one leading to shadow room)
2.) *suggested if you don't have vortex* as soon as you see the phantom showing up, walk to the left and as fast as you can, open the door
3.)Use pride of lion on the thingy (to trigger shadow)
4.) spam shotgun until you "reveal" its core, then DT and slash like theres no tomorrow
5.)go to bottom of stairs, activate switch, get on "elevator" and wait until you're on the floor with the death sentence sword (a decorative sword not used in battle XP). Then, walk down the stairs until you see a door, walk in, and best of luck on the boss.
I am so smart! I am so smart! S-M-R-T! i mean SMART!
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