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Is Possible To Complete The Enemy Files On Easy Automatic? (Archived)RyanFialcowitz77/13/2013
Trying to get all Enemy Files, which are the hardest ones? (Archived)CaioNV66/27/2013
Confused about Blue Orbs... If I get via Red Orbs, collectible pieces disappear? (Archived)CaioNV76/13/2013
So, a question about the combat (Archived)q8sd26/3/2013
Decided to completely ignore the Ifrit on my first playthrough on Normal mode... (Archived)
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Just started this after beating DMC3 on Hard (Archived)artenuga5465/5/2013
Go through Hard/ DMD or on to DMC 2 & 3? (Archived)lowman755734/29/2013
God, I freaking hate Nelo Angelo. (Archived)Alltra54/29/2013
Are there two Easy Modes? (Archived)
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Phantom Glitch (Archived)Alltra14/7/2013
How do I trigger Phantom's Meteor Move? (Archived)Alltra64/5/2013
Just picked up the HD Collection, and... (Archived)LMTTN13/29/2013
The Camera is god-awful in this game (Archived)258laza23/24/2013
I love DMC4 and DMC3 but sweet Mosus is this game terrible. (Archived)
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I've only played 1-3 and I have to say... (Archived)Mordecai the Mad23/11/2013
Broken subtitles? (Archived)Bofur2223/7/2013
Which games to play? (Archived)RAPTall152/11/2013
Invulnerability frames? (Archived)BareknuckleRoo42/10/2013