Does Steve Die? (Spoilers)

#1Icematt12Posted 2/1/2009 4:02:49 PM
I just put the army, navy and air force things in place and saved at the plane so I have no idea how the plot continues.

I saw the RE5 trailer with the person in the tube, and see a hair resembelence to Steve (addmittedly, a blonde look compared to his brown style in code veronica. Now recently, I saw a vid on youtube of the top 5 saddest scenes in Resident Evil series. The top was basically like Steve's final conversation with Claire. Kinda like a "Go. I am glad to have met you" speech. But it seemed like he was constrained and about to be taken away somewhere.

I would have expected him to either die or become some sort of a boss. So, am I correct or reading too much into this? RE5 is the main reason to me buying Code Veronica, have some more info on Chris's background with BOW.
#2Dahvid123Posted 2/1/2009 6:52:22 PM
No, he does not die. Beat the game to find out what happens to him.