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Gameshark codes and CEP

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5 years ago#1
Could someone help me to use gameshark codes I dont know why it isn't working. I using the PSx emulator and my original CD plus a programme CEP which is supposed to allow you to use gameshark codes but I cant get them to work. This is the list of codes that I have put into the CEP programme

"Infinite Lumber"
80070D38 03E7

"Infinite Watering Can"
80071A88 0064

"Infinite Chicken Feed"
80070D40 03E7

"Infinite Fodder"
80070D3A 03E7

"Infinite Fish Feed"
80070D3E 03E7

"Boost to $50,000 Cash"
D00633A2 FCFF
80076338 C350


Any help would be much appreciated
5 years ago#2
If you know another programme than i can use gameshark codes please tell me what it is and how to use it. Thanks
5 years ago#3
that is the site where i got max money,max lumber, max friendship with any girl, or towns folk.
and all the sweet sweet codes I ALWAYS use with BTN. HM Boy and Girl for the PSP is the remake of BTN same gameplay, you can just play with a girl if you want , and you dont have to have 70%+ to win the game if i remember you JUST have to marry somone and you win the game, on my game save WITH! out my cheats -.-" .. and after a week of playing without cheats.. i found out playing without cheats on BTN can be really fun, going out chopping lumber every day to get my house built and done so i could marry karen. anyway Codejunkies is like the only site i found the cheat codes years ago.
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5 years ago#4
Okay i was worng on codejunkies i am just in shock they took out their PS1 cheat codes.. sad..
i did a search for cheat codes, heres a link
IGN is a very good website for small faqs, and good cheat codes try these out
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5 years ago#5
sorry for the spam, here are some more links still lookin for those cheats.
Heres another very very good website ive been using for like 8 years. heres the link.
plus you can find alot of info on other games. and alot on back to nature. have fun.
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5 years ago#6
Thanks for the codes but I also need a programme or whatever it is to use the codes as mine doesnt work... What do you use? thanks again
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