Need help with Ann heart event.

#1MikeThePlainPosted 2/1/2011 10:36:16 AM
The event when Ann gets in a fight with Doug. You are both outside the inn and she says something about her dad pushing he to get married fast. She says can you imagine me in a wedding dress or something and your options are "No you're right." or " Yeah I could see it." What do you say? For future reference, where can I find what to say online to these heart events.

With popuri saying she wanted to leave, I said that could be fun. I have no idea if that was right.
#2Sky RenderPosted 2/1/2011 9:04:38 PM
The guide I wrote has an entire section dedicated to these events (the section's called Girl Events, quickfind code's [GGEGIRLS]). I'll go ahead and copy/paste the events you asked about.

Ann's Question
Trigger: Visit the Inn area when Ann has at least 5000 affection
Effects: +2000 if you say she's wrong, -2000 if you say she's right

Popuri's Question
Trigger: Visit the Poultry Farm when Popuri has at least 5000 affection
Effects: +2000 if you say that might be fun, -2000 if you say she should stay

Hopefully that clears things up!
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