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Is item drop determined by last hit?tomexofguardia36/28 10:22AM
circle of the moon game transfer (Archived)Residentevil424/13 7:09PM
Virtual Console Europe? (Archived)Johi3614/6 3:51AM
When did Morris Baldwin ever defeat Dracula? (possible spoilers) (Archived)slk_2323/11 6:13AM
Does this game actually not take place within Dracula's Castle? (spoilers) (Archived)slk_23812/25 3:04PM
Some awful programming this game has when it comes to subweapons. (Archived)DaemMkIV7312/7 10:39AM
Shooter mode: Empty item crush or magic dagger (Archived)deadcarno212/6 12:00AM
Feel kinda sad (Archived)Xean_Liteheart611/26 7:03AM
How hard is this game? (Archived)Mcwrapper910/23 11:28AM
Hi,How good is the game compared to order of ecclesia? (Archived)ZeldaSyndrome510/10 12:13PM
CotM coming to Wii U VC on 10-09-14 (Archived)Lhunthangion19/25 7:43AM
Playing for the first time (Archived)screwmtv46/15/2014
Was this the game that persuaded you to get GBA? (Archived)
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murphys gamefaqs law (Archived)green_abobo11/26/2014
Loving the Apollo+Thunderbird combo (Archived)gamerdude53511/19/2014
It takes 30 hours for Pluto+Thunderbird to match Venus+Thunderbird (map at 100%) (Archived)TBD200911/11/2014
If I cross the poisonous sewer before the intended time... (Archived)Da Dood512/3/2013
hard reset? (Archived)green_abobo210/11/2013
Does the dark lighting of the game on the regular GBA make it nearly unplayable? (Poll)slk_23610/9/2013
Anyone else feel like this is the best RPG Castlevania? (Archived)
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