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8 years ago#1
I can not believe how difficult it is to get this. I have been at it for over 2 hours using 2 gamblers armbands and still no luck. My luck is at 850 and I am using the thunderbird summon to kill her in one hit. I have thus far acquired about 14 mind highs from her but still no dark armor. Is there some way to make this process quicker or easier? It is Lilim that I'm supposed to kill right?
8 years ago#2
Use the venus and Mandragora cards for more luck
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8 years ago#3
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8 years ago#4
used it for a bit, but I think thunderbird summon should be faster since it takes about 1/4 as long to kill her and I take no damage so i never have to heal and I'm only sacrificing a small amount of luck.
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8 years ago#6
Chill dude, by the same token the fact that the board is nearly dead means its hardly a major disruption or anything.
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8 years ago#7
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8 years ago#8
I don't think there is a better strategy available. With 850 luck, there is a chance of slightly less than 2,5% of her to drop the Dark Armor. I usually only get the Dark Armor if I'm playing Thief mode and I intend to finish the arena.
8 years ago#9
I would use a combination like Mars + Cockatrice to hurt it until it's frozen or stoned, then switch to luck-based equipment (Venus + Mandragora really helps) for the final blow.

Of course, that's just an opinion.
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8 years ago#10
Equipping the Venus + Mandagora combo increases the drop chance with less than 25%. If doing so means it takes more than 25% longer to kill the Lilim than using a Thunderbird summon would, then it's a bad trade.

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