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Draken Ancient Gates glitch help!! (Archived)Draken_Warrior47/17/2009
Drakan on Amazon (Archived)
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I know this game wasn't popular enough to win the best game ever contest but... (Archived)
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More Short Cuts for Draken: TAG (got anymore?) (Archived)
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Re: Pssstt..... Arohk says, "Happy Birthday, GELBOT!!" (Archived)
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2nd Playthorugh Event on Friday May 29th (Archived)
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"Night Time at Ravenshold" (Archived)Silvrix_Mang96/3/2009
Draken TAG Playthrough Event, May 8th (All are welcome to join in the fray) (Archived)
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Soundtrack? (Archived)Agent955/9/2009
"??? TRY AND GUESS ???" Questions of Draken TAG (Archived)Silvrix_Mang65/4/2009
Been away... (Archived)
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Pssstt..... Arohk says, "Happy Birthday, GELBOT!!" (Archived)kirviamar104/30/2009
Am I the only one that's had problems running this on their 80 gig PS3? (Archived)Rumteldat44/27/2009
Draken Level Shortcuts (got any more?) !!spoilers!! (Archived)Silvrix_Mang24/27/2009
Why is the Gameshark's Invincibility code stronger than Draken's code? (Archived)Silvrix_Mang54/23/2009
Drakan-Ish Games, speaking of (Archived)iidalv34/22/2009
Has Anyone ever got to the second floor in Jade's Emporium (Archived)Silvrix_Mang34/14/2009
Happy Birthday, ladyhawke!!! from the land of Surdana (Archived)
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I will say it once and I wil say it again its a darn shame we never got sequel. (Archived)MHESTER73/28/2009