Master Ball - Round 1 HELP

#1jimhalpert789Posted 6/28/2012 1:11:53 PM
I'm having trouble beating the 8th trainer in the Poke Cup Master Ball Round 1. I can take down everyone else without much of a problem so I usually bring 2-3 continues with me to the 8th trainer, but I just can't beat him. I follow the rental strategy exactly. I have Quaggy use Amnesia then Surf to kill Aerodactyl and he usually has enough HP left to hit tyranitar once or twice before he dies. My problem is that after that when I send out either Kadabra or Haunter, Tyranitar nearly always goes first. He uses crunch and kills whichever pokemon I send out and then promptly kills my last pokemon in the same way. I've been able to get Haunter to move first and use Destiny Bond to take down Tyranitar with me, but then my Kadabra always gets killed by Kingdra or whatever else he has. I just can't seem to beat him. Any help would be great, although I know this board is pretty much dead.
-Fat Halpert