Chip Code Location FAQ is up!

#11JFlurriePosted 9/27/2012 4:07:12 PM
These doesn't include the Navis

Area 1: Dash, ShokWave, Cannon

Area 2: ShokWave, Howitzer, LongSwrd, FireTowr, Mine1, FireSwrd, Dash

Area 4: Dynamyt1, Invis2, Quake3, TimeBom2

Area 5: BigBomb, DynaWave, WoodTowr, Gaia1, Drain1
#12JFlurriePosted 9/28/2012 11:59:30 AM
Again, these doesn't include the Navis

Area 6: Mine1, DynaWave, BigBomb, Drain1, WoodTowr, Remobit1

Area 7: Invis3, Mine1, WoodTowr, DynaWave, Gaia1, LongSwrd, BigBomb

Area 8: Gaia1, Invis3, BigBomb, LongSwrd, TriSpear, Drain1, WoodTowr, DynaWave,
#13JFlurriePosted 9/28/2012 1:57:15 PM
Here's the last of those

Area 3: Thunder1, Dash, HiCannon, SoniWave, CrosBomb,
Area 9: Mine1, BodyBurn, WoodTowr, AquaAura, Gaia1, Remobit2

Any other areas you miss. BTW, can I get somehow back into Traffic Lights after beating the game? Where do I plug in?
#14RandyPandy(Topic Creator)Posted 9/28/2012 3:14:49 PM
Sweet, thanks for those, that'll save me quite a bit of time.

As for the Traffic Lights, yeah. Just go over to where the signal was during the scenario, and jack-in (you can't be on the road when doing that though). There should be one traffic light on each block.
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#15JFlurriePosted 9/28/2012 3:33:47 PM
I have no idea if you have these already or if these are perfect lists, but here's some that you find from Traffic Lights:

Traffic Light 1: AquaTowr, SoniWave, Bubbler, FireTowr, Heater
Traffic Light 2: Wave, FireTowr, RedWave, SoniWave
Traffic Light 3: Quake2, FireTowr, DynaWave, SoniWave, AquaSwrd, FireSwrd
Traffic Light 4: FireTowr, DynaWave, BblWrap1, AquaTowr
Traffic Light 5: Quake2, DynaWave, FireTowr, FireSwrd, AquaSwrd, Heater, BblWrap1, RedWave, AquaTowr, Wave

(And to get back to Traffic Lights, you need to jack in to those with control panels and you have to be pretty exactly on the right spot to do it.)

I have used Game Maps (ZIP) to determine those names of Traffic Lights. I have no idea whether that is the actual order, probably it is.
#16JFlurriePosted 9/29/2012 4:29:43 AM
One error (or maybe some version difference somewhere?) I noticed:

You have listed HeroSwrd has BDFGI codes. I have BDIJ. My guess is that either F or G doesn't exist.
#17RandyPandy(Topic Creator)Posted 9/29/2012 11:15:23 AM
Thanks for the Traffic Lights, and you're right - the wrong code is G. My notes say J, but for some reason I typed G. That'll be fixed in the next update.
Fact: Messing around with games produces interesting results.
Fact: This statement is a fact.
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