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Where's the school in Dentown? (Archived)SA20047/29/2010
Where do you find the Hero Sword B, Knight Sword B, and Fighter Sword B? (Archived)FionordeQuester67/21/2010
GAH! How the hell do you get FireAura? (Archived)
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I have a few questions about this game. (Archived)topraman51777/11/2010
The "pay-off system" (Archived)JFlurrie57/10/2010
Some questions for chip hunting (Archived)
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I did it! 100% complete!! (Archived)MultiKoopa97/8/2010
X-Panel 3 S and Metguard A (Archived)CBAriadosFTW37/5/2010
Irony? (Slight spoilers for this game and *maybe* BN4) (Archived)tailsfan200577/5/2010
Anybody know which ranks are needed for these chips? (Archived)MultiKoopa107/2/2010
OH GOD! Look at the available chip codes for DropDown! (Archived)MultiKoopa36/29/2010
...measurements??? (Archived)MultiKoopa56/29/2010
Oh my god there's a Pulp Fiction reference in this game (Archived)MultiKoopa56/28/2010
Dash G? (Archived)
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This is my first time playing through this game in many years. (Archived)MultiKoopa86/26/2010
LoLZ! (Archived)BloodlustSweden26/18/2010
Can Legends, BattleNetwork, and Starforce be played independently? (Archived)liquid2009105/28/2010
Capcom uses windows (Archived)Lucario70285/24/2010
Shadoman3 (Archived)DDMattressMan24/19/2010
sign if you got the reference to this game from the movie "cop out" (Archived)logicbrain53/21/2010
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