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Frequently Asked Questions. (READ HERE BEFORE POSTING.) (Sticky)
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Hello Hello998/26 5:46PM
Man, sometime it makes me sad to remember just how old and dead this game isReunionMerc5410/4 4:16PM
Does This Work on the PS3?rangerike169/24 7:35PM
Part of game that makes use of the Dual Shock 2's pressure sensitive buttons? (Archived)Spike28/13 12:18AM
Shadow Hearts 1 MBONSNKNFBMEIG Challenge (Archived)ReunionMerc532/26 9:59PM
So the final boss wasn't very hard at all... *Spoilerinos* (Archived)Arystoche51/7 2:31PM
Is there any benefit to having a high score? (Archived)aristocracy212/16 1:11AM
Cave Temple? (Archived)Kubania211/20 12:14PM
SH1 low level game results (Archived)WildArmor123ACF210/29 11:33AM
lol anyone else think this when Zhuzhen attacks? (Archived)LOLZuMadBro310/3/2014
Thoughts after completion. *SPOILERS* (Archived)Krentaris28/23/2014
Experience needed for Level # (Archived)Fayt0101047/21/2014
Still available now? (Archived)RyuReiatsu27/19/2014
PAL Italian version? (Archived)Valkyreo17/13/2014
LLG - Trial run (Archived)
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Experience Table (Archived)Fayt0101026/15/2014
Ranking Screen Raw Codes and Misc (Archived)Atomos19965/12/2014
Malice Mechanics UNVEILED (accumulation & rewards) (Archived)Atomos19965/4/2014
SH1 LLG EXP Sheet (Archived)ReunionMerc533/20/2014
Has anyone ever tryed a Low Level Game for SH1? (Archived)ReunionMerc562/26/2014
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