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9 years ago#1
Hopefully this answers some questions. The first section is basically a reworked version of Solid Muzza's longstanding post-release sticky topic, provided by BalthierGun, and is spoiler-free. The second part is specific information regarding common problem spots in the game. Please don't post until I'm done posting.

I apologize for the delay in getting to a new version of this topic.

Table of Contents:

A. General Game Information (non-spoiler stuff)
1 - Can I invert the camera controls?
2 - The voice acting doesn't seem to have the highest quality!
3 - How many playable characters are there?
4 - How can I travel in this game?
5 - What is the License Board?
6 - Which path do I take on the license grid?
7 - Does each character have their own path on the license grid?
8 - I got the license of 'Cure' on my License Board but I can't use it! Why not?!
9 - Which magick is good to get at the start?
10 - What is a Mist Quickening?
11 - What's the deal with Espers?
12 - What is a Gambit?
13 - What are some useful gambits?
14 - How does the battle system work?
15 - What is a Battle Chain?
16 - I can't seem to hit this flying monster!
17 - How do I powerlevel at the start of the game?
18 - Argh! It's so hard to make money!
19 - What loot should I sell?
20 - What is the bazaar for?
21 - What's the difference between mystic, light and heavy armour?
22 - Tell me about the weapons!
23 - How do I get the Zodiac Spear?
24 - How can I get a powerful weapon early?
25 - How can I join Clan Centurio?
26 - What are Mob Hunts?
27 - I'm having trouble with a boss!
28 - I can't find where I'm supposed to go next!
29 - Is there an FMV viewer in this game?
30 - What level should I be for [insert area here]?
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9 years ago#2
B. Area by area help with common trouble spots (there are spoilers in this section)
1. Rabanastre/Garamsythe Waterway
a. Getting Ghosts to appear for the bestiary
b. What to do with the Dusty Letter
c. What to do with the Fragments
d. How to get the Sluice Gate Key
e. How to find White Mousse
f. How to find Orthros and spawn him
g. Getting to Cuchulainn
h. Defeating Cuchulainn
2. Estersands/Barheim Passage
a. Getting back into Barheim Passage
b. The Cactus Flower
3. Westersands
a. Getting a sandstorm
4. Giza Plains
a. Changing the weather (rain vs. dry)
b. Spawning Cluckatrice
c. Getting to and spawning Gil Snapper
5. Lhusu Mines
a. Surviving the battle against 4 bangaa
b. Locating the Site 11 key
6. Raithwall's Tomb/Sandsea
a. Defeating Garuda
b. Defeating the Demon Wall
7. Henne Mines
a. Entering from Feywood (the mine cart)
b. Accessing the Secret Area
c. Defeating Zodiark
8. Paramina Rift
a. Spawning Fafnir
b. Getting a blizzard
c. Spawning Trickster
9. Stillshrine of Miriam
a. Getting past the giant sword
b. Defeating Mateus
c. The Stone of the Condemner
d. Defeating Zeromus
e. Finding Oilings (for the bestiary)
10. Mosphoran Highwaste
a. Accessing secret zones and getting to Exodus
b. Defeating Exodus
11. Salikawood
a. Defeating Bomb King
b. Fixing the Gate
12. Sochen Cave Palace
a. Defeating the Mandragoras
b. Opening the Pilgrim's Door
c. Opening the Ascetic's Door
d. Opening the second Ascetic's Door
e. Defeating Hell Wyrm
13. Feywood
a. Gate of the Gigas
b. Spawning the Mandragoras (bestiary)
c. Spawning Behemoth King
14. Giruvegan/Great Crystal
a. Getting to Ultima and Omega Mk. XII
b. Getting Omega to fight
c. Defeating Omega
d. Defeating Ultima
15. Ridorana Cataract/Pharos/Subterra
a. How big is Pharos?
b. Defeating Hashmal
c. Accessing the Subterra
d. How to proceed through the subterra
e. Getting to Shadowseer
f. Dealing with Magick Pots
16. Zertinan Caverns
a. Defeating Adrammelech
17. Nabreus Deadlands/Necrohol of Nabudis
a. Opening Doors in the Necrohol/Getting to Chaos
b. Defeating Chaos
18. Odds and Ends
a. Buying Remedies
b. Perma-silence, MP at zero, and other incurable status issues
c. Getting High Arcanas
d. Defeating Crystalbugs
e. Spawning rare game
f. Activating the Yiazmat Hunt
g. Yiazmat's Critical HP stage
h. Stuff that's missable in the game.
i. Deciding which characters to use
j. Leveling 3 characters vs. leveling all 6
k. Locations for buying Teleport Stones
l. Getting the Dalan figure in the Sky Pirate's Den
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9 years ago#3
1 - Can I invert the camera controls?

No, sorry, they're stuck like that.

2 - The voice acting doesn't seem to have the highest quality!

This is because it is compressed to quite a large degree. The voice acting is still very good, and you will get used to it.

3 - How many playable characters are there?

There are six, and there are no secret characters. However, sometimes a Guest party member will join you.

4 - How can I travel in this game?

At the start, all you can do is run around; use teleporting save crystals or hop on an airship (Rabanastre West Gate). You can also ride a chocobo (paying gil or riding a wild chocobo) and eventually get control of your own airship. Airship travel is done in a similar way to FFX.

5 - What is the License Board?

The License Board is essentially a system to make your characters more powerful. For every magick, technick, armour and weapon you acquire, you must first have a LICENSE to use that object. The License Board is the SAME for every party member. Killing a monster will earn you License Points, and you can spend these on the License Board. As you get more licenses, stronger licenses will become available next to the license you just learned.

For more information, consult the License Board FAQ :
Or the License Board itself:

6 - Which path do I take on the license grid?

This is all personal choice, but I'll give you my opinion. Generally you're going to want everyone to have White Magick, so I'd take everyone down that path first. Then when you start getting more license points (LP) you can take them down the Augment path, which is south west of the Magick. The Augment path contains many licenses which increase the EFFECTIVENESS of your character. Eg HP +500, reduce MP cost, reduce ATP time etc. If you learn these early, you will have an easier time with the start of the game. Of course, you'll have to continue to learn your armour and weapon licenses to use the higher level equipment. I don't find the technicks too helpful, but Steal and Charge are MUSTS. Charge will allow you to gain MP back without running around for ages, and Steal is the best way to earn money.

7 - Does each character have their own path on the license grid?

Not at all. Characters may start with different licenses learned, but that does not restrict them at all. You can choose to make EVERY character EXACTLY the same, or you can make them all different. In my opinion though, it is more beneficial to make three all rounders than three individual classes.

8 - I got the license of 'Cure' on my License Board but I can't use it! Why not?!

Just because you have the license to use Cure doesn't mean you have the spell Cure. Every magick and technick must be bought from a shop before it can be used, given that you have a license to use it.

9 - Which magick is good to get at the start?

As I said before, White Magick is the way to go. Also good is Protect(Green), Shell(Green) and Haste(Time). Decoy is also good to make sure your enemy is attacking one person. Black Magick is ok against vulnerable types of foes. Status Magick can be effective because almost every enemy in the game is vulnerable to at least one of the spells. Acquiring Sleep, Blind and Berserk early on can really make some bosses incredibly easy.
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9 years ago#4
10 - What is a Mist Quickening?

A Mist Quickening is the 'Limit Break' or 'Overdrive' of FFXII. To be able to use a mist quickening, you must first learn it on the license board. You do not need to buy a quickening from the shop to use it, you just have to buy the license. You need full MP to use a quickening. There are 18 quickenings on the license board, and each character can have three, NO MORE. Once a quickening license has been bought on the Board, it cannot be used by another party member.
A Mist quickening is only semi effective when only one character has one. When three characters have one, you can start to combo. When you activate your quickening, you will see the names of your party members and a bar that will decrease over time. You must push the correct button next to a character's name to continue the combo. Sometimes, however, no button is available to be pushed. In this case, you can push R2 and it will shuffle the buttons, and hopefully a button will appear next to a character's name. This is pretty much based on luck.
Sometimes you can get 10 in a row, other times you won't get any hits. After a certain amount of hits, your character will perform a finisher which deals a lot of damage. However, even this damage is random and sometimes it won't deal as much as you want it to. If a character is used to perform a combo during a mist quickening, his or her MP will be reduced to 0. Mist Quickenings are useful when a boss has half of his HP left, because a mist quickening can do enough damage to take that entire HP away. As a character gains more Quickenings, the combos become more powerful.
More powerful combos can occur, they are known as Concurrences. This is one of the few ways the player can break the 9999 damage limit. Check out this FAQ for more information regarding quickening and concurrences:

11 - What's the deal with Espers?

Espers are the summons of FFXII. You have to defeat an Esper before it will become a part of your License Board. Once again, you do not have to BUY the esper to use it; you just need to have the license. However, unlike Mist Quickenings, a party member can have as many Espers as he or she wants. Once a member gains the license for an Esper, though, no other party member can summon that Esper. So choose your Espers wisely. Espers generally aren't very useful in FFXII unless you take advantage of their Limit Breaks. Summoning an Esper will reduce your MP, depending on the rank of the Esper (Rank III Espers will drain all of your MP to summon). Espers also have their own sort of limit breaks.
Everything about Espers can be found here:

12 - What is a Gambit?

A Gambit is a set of actions that your party members will perform. These actions consist of two components: a Target and an Item/Magick/Technick. As you progress through the game, you will be able to select from more targets. Some of the targets become very specific, which allows for some very strategic gambits to be made. Note that the order you put the gambits will actually determine the priority of those gambits. It's a wise idea to put all your healing gambits as the first lines. You don't want your character to keep attacking when he should be healing someone.
A useful Gambit FAQ:

13 - What are some useful gambits?

Steal Gambit:

Target: Foe if HP=100% Steal
Target: Party leader's target Attack

Cure Gambit:

Target:Ally HP < 30% Cure

The gambits above are used throughout the game. Your gambits should continue to change as you enter new areas and combat new foes. Again, use this Gambit FAQ:
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9 years ago#5
14 - How does the battle system work?

If you have played FFXI before, you will feel right at home with FFXII. If not, the battle system may seem a little weird/confusing. Basically, instead of party members remaining stationary while waiting for the ATB (Active Time Bar), they can move around, thus it feels more interactive. Generally you'll be controlling one character, and letting the other two work off their Gambits. However you'll have to intervene from time to time just so everything runs smoothly. There are no random battles in FFXII. Despite how the game plays, you CANNOT push a button to block an attack, or evade an attack (unless you run from an Area of Effect spell). Every action you perform must conform to the ATB. Even if three of your characters die, you are able to swap them out for your reserve members. So technically you have six members at your disposal.

15 - What is a Battle Chain?

As you kill more and more of the same type of monster, you'll begin to chain them. Every time you kill a monster, your chain will go up by one. As the chain increases, you have increased chance that the monsters will drop a rare item. Also, you'll get other bonuses such as protect, shell and cure when your chain becomes higher. When the chain levels up, it means that your bonuses will increase. When the battle chain starts flashing, it means a rare mob has appeared.

16 - I can't seem to hit this flying monster!

You can't hit flying monster with melee weapons unless you have a Technick called Telekinesis. The only other way to damage a flying monster is by using bows, crossbows, guns, bombs and magick.

17 - How do I powerlevel at the start of the game?

It basically involves getting mist quickenings and using them on tough mobs for good xp.
These mobs include:
The dinosaur monster in the Estersand,
Werewolves (exit Rabanastre at the south gate, go to the southwest zone of Giza Plains and they will be there). These guys drop the kotetsu, a katana with 50 atk power.
Lindbur Wolf. This guy is also south-southwest of the area outside the Rabanastre west gate. You can steal a gladius from this wolf. (ATK +45, wind strike)
Dustia. See 80 rare game FAQ for location. He can be killed quickly by simply throwing Phoenix Downs at him. If you kill him near a zone boundary, you can chain him by leaving the zone before his body disappears, then re-entering.
Powerlevelling is best done before Penelo joins your party.
For more info on powerlevelling, read this FAQ:

Note: You don't need to powerlevel to beat this game.

18 - Argh! It's so hard to make money!

Yes, it is. However, don't worry! All you have to do is choose your technicks, magicks and weapons/armor wisely. If a new weapon only adds 3 more atk to your character, DON'T BUY IT! Save your money up for a more vicious weapon later. If you read a magick description and you don't think you'll use it, just don't buy the magick! White magick is pretty much always good to buy though.

To make money, you pretty much have to start stealing from the get go. Selling loot is the primary way of making money in FFXII. To make stealing less tiresome, you can set up a gambit.

Target: Foe if HP=100% Steal
Target: Party leader's target Attack

This will make the character steal from a mob that has 100% health, then as the monster gets damaged, the character will stop stealing and begin attacking. The downside to this is if you are versing more than one mob, the character will steal from the other mob CONTINUOUSLY because it will have 100% HP.

Stealing becomes even more beneficial when you get Thief's Cuffs, an accessory which lets you steal more rare items. You can buy these once you get to Mt Bur-Omisace (or the Mosphoran Highwaste).
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9 years ago#6
19 - What loot should I sell?

You can sell everything except teleport stones, arcana and items you get from quests. These items are used later. There are some other loot used for various bazaar packages. If you really are paranoid about selling loot, read either of these FAQs:

20 - What is the bazaar for?

When you sell your loot, the shop keepers will make items out of them. These items are solid in the bazaar. Sometimes there are packs of items, and sometimes it will be weapons, etc. Once you buy the items from the bazaar, it will disappear, until you sell the right loot again.

21 - What's the difference between mystic, light and heavy armour?

Mystic armour boosts your magic ability.
Light armour boosts your HP and speed
Heavy armour boosts your defense and strength

It is up to you which armour you want to go with. Most people agree that the HP boost provided by light armour is the most beneficial bonus. However if you have a tank, you may want to give him heavy armour, and if you have a caster you could give him mystic armour.

22 - Tell me about the weapons!

Some weapons are fairly straight forwards, such as swords. However, some weapons have their own little quirks. For example, guns ignore the defense of enemies, and end up dealing much more damage than their "attack" stat would suggest. Some enemies, such as flans, have Gun resistance, however, and will take minimal damage from them. A katana's attack power is based partially on a the character's magic power. Axes, hand grenades, and hammers do randomized damage, allowing them to hit for massive damage on one shot, and almost nothing on the next. Some weapons are more useful than others. For example a one hand sword does consistent damage and you can wear a shield with it but a ninja sword is not as strong, is tied to the dark element, and you can't wear a shield. In the end you have to decide what you like and what you think works/looks best.

23 - How do I get the Zodiac Spear?

The Zodiac Spear is the most powerful weapon in the game. However there is a trick to getting it. There are several treasure chests that you MUST NOT open in order to get the Zodiac Spear EASILY. There is another way of getting the spear if you have opened one of those chests.

These are the chests you MUST NOT open:
Treasure chest in front of Dalan's house who lives at the south end of lowtown of Rabanastre.
Elixir chest in Rabanastre palace, which is in the south east corner of the cellars
The treasure chests inside Nalbina Dungeon in the room where you get your inventory back
And finally, the 16 chests in the south east area of Phon Coast

If you have opened none of these chests, the spear will appear in the Necrohol of Nabrudis. In the third area there will be a room with sixteen chests. You can open all of these. One of them will contain the Zodiac Spear.

If you did open one of these chests, there is a very difficult way of getting the spear. In the Henne mines there is a chest that appears 10% of the time. This chest will usually just have gil in it (90% of the time). If the chest has an item in it, 90% of the time it will be an Elixir. All in all, you have a 1/1000 chance of obtaining the Zodiac Spear. According to the FFXII guide, you cannot be wearing a diamond armlet when you get the spear from Necrohol, but you must be wearing the diamond armlet to get the spear in the Henne mines. Worth the time? Not really, in my opinion.
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9 years ago#7
24 - How can I get a powerful weapon early?

Gladius can be stolen from Lindbur Wolf, a Rare Game in the Westersands (see Split Infinity's sticky topic for exact location of Lindbur Wolf)

Kotetsu can be dropped by Werewolves at the south end of Giza Plains

Burning Bow can be dropped by the large birds (they are neutral towards you until you attack them) in the Westersands. It is best to build up a chain of wolves, then petrify them (this preserves the chain level, allowing for better chance of getting the bow)

If you defeat the first demon wall in Raithwall tomb, there is a chance there will be a Demonsbane sword in the area unlocked.

Immediately following Raithwall's Tomb, you can procure Deathbringers by re-entering Barheim Passage (details on this sidequest can be found under the Estersands section in this topic), and stealing them from the Rare Game Ithuno (see Split Infinity's sticky topic for Ithuno's specific location)

25 - How can I join Clan Centurio?

As soon as you get to Rabanastre, go to the northern street and you will find the Clan Headquarters. Speak to the Bangaa at the entrance and he will let you in. In here you will find Montblanc, a moogle who will give you items for defeating certain bosses, provide mob hunts and also give you items when your clan rank increases. There is a clan shop in the Rabanastre bazaar which sells some good stuff. The stuff the clan shop sells gets better as your clan rank increases.

26 - What are Mob Hunts?

A mob hunt is exactly what it sounds like. Basically, someone posts a monster (mob) on a bulletin and when you read that post, you go and speak to the person who posted it. They will tell you where you can find the monster. If you can't find the person who posted it, open your map and he will appear as an exclamation point. Once you have defeated the mob, visit the man who posted the mob hunt and he will give you a reward! Simple, huh? Note that Montblanc in the Clan Headquarters also provides (unique) mob hunts.

You cannot miss any hunts, so if you want to avoid them until the very end of the game, by all means do so. Note that the rewards are far more practical if you finish the hunt as soon as it becomes available.

27 - I'm having trouble with a boss!

Don't worry! This game is quite difficult if you're unprepared. Sometimes you just need to level up a bit more. Sometimes you need better equipment. Sometimes you need to change your gambits/strategy. In any case, keep trying. The boss will fall eventually. I will give you some tips.

If a foe is physically strong, make sure your tank has protect.
If a foe is magically strong, make sure you have shell.
Set up a healing gambit multiple characters so they can help in a pinch.
Remember that you can use all six of your party members. You don't necessarily need to, but they are always there to help. It's a pain to keep your reserve members leveled but it pays off.
Some shields can halve the damage of elemental attacks. Use these when you verse elemental bosses.
Remember that you can always use a Mist Quickening to finish a boss off. All you need is one good combo.
Use Charge when you have no MP left!
Most of the time you should take out the weaker enemies first, before attacking the boss.
If you still can't beat the boss, just take a break and do some mob hunts, by the time you come back you will be kicking ass!
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9 years ago#8
28 - I can't find where I'm supposed to go next!

Check your map (both your mini-map by pressing Select and your world map from the main menu). Oftentimes there will be a red X showing where your destination is. Vaan will also have a sentence or two to hint at the next destination in case you forget where you are in the game.

If you use the World Map, your next destination will usually be flashing. Simply figure out how to get there.

29 - Is there an FMV viewer in this game?

There is not, but they can be viewed on the internet if you know where to look. However, as it is copyrighted material, I cannot provide links to it.

30 - What level should I be for [insert area here]?

Whatever level allows you to defeat the enemies there. You can use Libra to see what level they are at, and use that as a general guide. It should be noted, however, that levels are largely unimportant in this game, and you should focus much more on keeping your equipment up to date and filling out the augments section of the license board, as both of these will have significantly more impact on your ability to survive than levels will.
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9 years ago#9

How do I get Ghosts to appear in the Garamsythe Waterway?

Once the story takes you beyond the Garamsythe Waterway, getting Ghosts to appear for you bestiary is a little bit tricky. They appear in the No. 10 Channel, but only when its flooded. What you'll need to do is open No. 10 Waterway Control, which will flood the No. 10 Channel. Next, close No. 1 Waterway Control, which will empty the water out of No. 11 Channel. Now, you can go east into the No. 11 Channel, then follow the waterway south into East Sluice Control, then west into Southern Sluiceway and West Sluice Control, and finally north into No. 10 Channel. You should find ghosts here. Zone twice if you don't get enough to fill your bestiary requirements. To get out, you'll need to go back out the way you came. It should be noted that the map isn't entirely accurate as it reflects a filled waterway. When you've drained the water (closed the sluice gates) you'll be able to access paths that don't show up on your map. Of course, you'll first need to finish the White Mousse Hunt in order to get the sluice gate key.

What do I do with the Dusty Letter?

See "How do I get to Chaos?" under the Necrohol of Nabudis section.

What do I do with ____ Fragment?

See "How do I get to Chaos?" under the Necrohol of Nabudis section.

How do I get the sluice gate key?

Defeat White Mousse. There are two ways of defeating him that work quite well. The first is to cast Blind and Berserk on him. This will cause him to only use physical attacks against you, which will mostly miss due to Blind status. The second approach is to use Sleep on him then attack him with magic (Fire magic works best). If you use this approach, make absolutely sure that all physical attack gambits are turned off. You don't want to wake him up prematurely. Either way, there is an additional concern to be aware of. There are 2 or 3 Malboros just up the stairs from where you'll be fighting White Mousse. If the battle gets too close, they'll join in, which will only make things harder for you. There is also an elemental that may spawn in this zone, which may wander close enough to go hostile on you due to magic use. Both can be avoided if you lure White Mousse to the northwest corner of the zone (the doorway to Southern Sluiceway). Doing this, I've never had any other monsters join in.

How do I get to White Mousse?

The map isn't entirely accurate. The water should be drained out of No. 10 Channel, so there will be paths available to you that don't show up on your map. From No. 10 Channel, simply go south to the West Sluice Control.

How do I get to Orthros?/How do I get Orthros to appear?

As per the White Mousse hunt, the map is not entirely accurate. If the sluice gates to No. 10 Channel or No. 11 Channel are closed, the water will be drained out, and there will be paths available that don't show up on the map. This allows you to get to the Southern Sluiceway. In order to make him appear, you'll need to have only females in your party (guests don't count, so Larsa and Reddas are fine) when you enter the Southern Sluiceway. Defeating him is easy with the Sleep + Fire magic strategy.
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9 years ago#10
How do I get to Cuchulainn?

The first step is defeating White Mousse (see above). Once you have the sluice gate key, empty out No. 3 Cloaca Spur (No. 10 and 3 controls). Go to the end of the No. 3 Cloaca Spur and close No. 1 South Waterway Control. Back to the Central Waterway Control, where you'll open No. 10 and 3 controls, then close No. 1 and 4 controls. This will empty out No. 4 Cloaca Spur, where you will once again go to the end, this time closing the No. 1 North Waterway Control. Head back to Central Waterway Control, open No. 1 Control and close No. 3 Control. It would be a good idea to save before proceeding south into the No. 1 Cloaca. If you've done things correctly, you'll notice that the water has drained out of the No. 1 Cloaca and there will be mist in the air. Go to the end and take the stairway down to the bottom, which will trigger the battle with Cuchulainn

How do I defeat Cuchulainn?

Black Belts are a must here. If he Disables your party, you'll be forced to watch them helplessly die. Everyone should be wearing the Black Belt accessory. Having a healthy supply of remedies or Esuna set up on gambits is a good idea, and an area effect healing spell is a must. Cura can work, but will be tough. Curaja makes things easier. Standard buffs (haste, protect, shell) apply as usual. When Foobars start dropping from the ceiling, you'll want to use area effect attack spells (Fira) to wipe them out quickly. Even at high levels, this battle can be a challenge due to the Sap field that he uses.
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