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Answers to common question v3.0 READ BEFORE POSTING **SOME SPOILERS**

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Hey guys. I really didn't want to make a topic for this, and I've been trying to look for an answer everywhere...

So what happens when you finish the game? According to Yahoo answers, you still go back to whatever you were doing; quick question, is that the last savepoint before you beat Undying? Or you can save after Undying and play normally, you know, hunt etc. after Undying?

Also, if you start a New Game after beating Undying, can you keep the equipment like some games let you? Or no?


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Last chance to save is before entering the Bahamut.

No New game+ either.
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Oh, okay. Thanks.

Also, if I buy the Canopic Jar will it make literally ALL enemies drop Arcana?

Does that mean they won't drop any of the usual loot they do? Example are the wolves in Desert.

If I get the jar, will they just drop Arcana? No more pelts, crystal etc?

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As I recall, the Canopic Jar does not cause Arcana to replace any other loot, it just adds an additional drop "slot" in which Arcana can drop. I don't recall exactly, but its something like this:

You kill a wolf, and 3 drop slots are activated. Each of those slots can drop a piece of loot in that mobs drop table, a piece of gear in that mobs drop table, or nothing. Thus when you kill that wolf, you may get 3 loot bags, or none. With the Canopic Jar, that wolf now has a 4th loot slot, in which Arcana is the only possible drop. So you may still get 0-3 bags of normal loot, and 0-1 Arcana upon each kill.

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Very helpful, thanks.
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Hey guys, I have a quick question about Telekinesis. I've read that to obtain the technick you buy it from the hidden Baknamy merchant in the Necrohol of Nabudis. Well, I've found him, and all he sells are ethers. Have I done something (or not done something) to prevent him from selling it? And if so, is there anywhere else I can find it? It's killing me not to have it.

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He won't start selling his best stuff until after you've reached a certain part in the story. You either have to reach the Pharos or finish it i'm not sure