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nice topic
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User Info: JohnnytheSkin

9 years ago#62
Thanks for this!

User Info: kof2000

9 years ago#63
split looks like he power leveled and tackles everything as early as possible like i was supposed to fight chuchulain at level 30 withou curaja. ftw! he's probably lv70 at the time lolz.

User Info: xoAxelox

9 years ago#64
my problem with Split Infinity is his guide often jumps around. maybe it's just me but i can't follow his guide as well as SONGS. Split infinity does have a good ideas and his guide has much more to it than Songs but Songs has a comprehensive sort of thing to it. for example. Songs gives a little 'Your level should be this' before his topics. whereas i follow the guide by split infinity and he says i should be fighting certain level forty espers. my problem is i'm level 25 or somthing. yeah i'm pretty sure i would die. Songs' gives the guide in what should you do first.

Split provides good strategies for defeating higher-leveled opponents.
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User Info: dratsab

9 years ago#65
Greg "dratsab" Huffman
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User Info: silverduchess

9 years ago#66
You need to correct this

"Having killed the Cactoid, return to Dantro for your reward, then talk to him a second time. Now, take the Cactoid Flower to Dantro's wife in the North Bank Village (from the outpost go north through Yardang Labyrinth, Sand-Swept Naze, and Banks of the Nebra). Find Dantro's Wife and give her the flower."

It is South Bank Village

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User Info: Soulidarity

9 years ago#67
Yep. I'll make sure to make all corrections brought to my attention in the next version of this topic.
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User Info: NyteRaptor

9 years ago#68
Soul, i think a question on why am i silenced? might be useful, i didnt see one in the general questions, maybe this will stop some of the topics that come up about this!
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User Info: FanMattai

9 years ago#69
^its in there,
though it could be more <u>pronounced</u> for all the folks.
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User Info: FanMattai

9 years ago#70
^lawl @ my html.
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