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9 years ago#1
I currently cannot beat belias x_x.

My levels are 17 17 18.

I seem to get him down to his last inch of life but I can't finish him off before the last Fireaja.
9 years ago#2
use a quickening -_-
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9 years ago#3
I do,but I still can't beat him lewl.
9 years ago#4
Wear light armour for the hp boost.
Make sure you remove oil status promptly or firaja will instakill your party.
When hes on his last legs, try to pull off a good quickie for finisher.

Also, your levels are not bad, check your equipment though.
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9 years ago#5
I usually dont have mana for a quickening.
9 years ago#6
Well, the fastest way to kill Belias is to farm up an Arcturus and some Aqua Shot; a character with Critical HP and the Arcturus + Aqua Shot + Steel Gorget will kill Belias in 2 shots. A character with the Arcturus + Aqua Shot + Berserk will kill him in 3 shots.

Of course, getting the Arcturus isn't a cakewalk; it involves stealing from the Salamand Entite. Repeatedly.
9 years ago#7
What about casting reflect?
9 years ago#8
that would only help with Fire, which would bounce back at Belias and heal him. I haven't tested it but I can pretty much guess that Firaja ignores reflect.

Make sure you clear up oil, and cast protect on everyone.
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9 years ago#9

Would i deal more damage per turn reflecting dark?
9 years ago#10
It may be, depending on your equipment. What are you using for weapons? For armor? Do you have decent Staves / Mystic Armor in your inventory, or are you willing to go back to Dyce and buy some if necessary?
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