Larva Eater and Danjuro

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9 years ago#1
I finally got my Danjuro. I obtained maximum chain level from Gargoyle Barons and used zoning method to spawn LE.

The FAQs were very misleading as to how to cause Larva Eater to spawn. Why do they say kill 256 enemies in The Great Crystal? I only had to clear out the room completely of Necrophobes at Leo Gate Stone (35-40 Necrophobes) and LE would spawn at Waystone XIV. It might take a few tries zoning between the two, but he would appear. To make him reappar, go 2 screens away and come back. He was back right away a few times, and it took a few minutes of back and forth between LGS and WSXIV the rest of the times.

Just thought I'd provide a testimony of what I went through to get the Danjuro. 256??
9 years ago#2
probably because that was the common belief months ago when many faqs were written.
9 years ago#3
Because killing 256 enemies is the only reliable way of getting Larva Eater to spawn. So far (to my knowledge) noone has been able to explain why or how does the zoning method work in order to spawn Larva Eater (I was never able to reproduce it, btw), and why does it work for that particular spot only. Why exactly Necrophobes? And other questions. (Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 Channel)
9 years ago#4
I was also greatly confused by the Necrophobe division method. I don't know if I ever actually got it to work properly. I finally got frustrated and just killed all the Necrophobes and that lead to Larva Eater showing himself so I figured, what the heck am I trying to leave only non-dividing, non divided Necrophobes for? Does doing the division method correctly really increase the spawn rate of LE?

Mom bomb method seems a little pointless too. That is sooo time consuming. Just kill Necrophobes with poison to keep original chain going. Definitely don't need to kill 256.

I've greatly appreciated your walkthrough Split Infinity and your Ultimate Equipment FAQ bcs4981. Kudos to both of you for being very thorough. And kudos to Square for bringing back that same frustrating feeling I had back in the days of battling the Pink Puffs. Oh what a feeling finally getting that Pink Tail.
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