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8 years ago#1
Having some trouble getting the Gil Snapper to appear. I got the urn from Nanau and I'm at where hes supposed to show up which is called (Tracks of the Beast) I think, but for some reason hes not showing up, I killed all the turtles in the area and zoned back and forth atleast half of dozen times but still no Gil Snapper. Am I not supposed to kill the turtles? What am I doing wrong?
8 years ago#2
Nothing wrong with killing turtles.

You need heavy rain.
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8 years ago#3
Just keep zoning until the correct weather appears; Bansat will tell you when the Snapper has spawned.
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8 years ago#4
^ I concur
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8 years ago#5
damn I zoned into the estersand and when I came back out the weather is dry and now I cant go to where the turtles are...ughhhh wtf now I have to wait a few hours. I really hate when things like this happen.
8 years ago#6
...reload your last save in the rains? Unless you're one of those people who play for five hours without saving then moan about how the game has screwed you over 'caus you forgot to save recently XD
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8 years ago#7
Just don't put all of your heart and soul in trying to get him...You can move on to so much other stuff and then just randomly check when you have a moment...Everytime i dedicated my time to finding him it didn't happen...Then i went just for the heck of it in the middle of me doing something else...then BAM!!! there he was!!!
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8 years ago#8
well my PS2's been on for days and I just leave the game running and put it on pause when I'm not playing. It's not good to do that, I know, my previous PS2 stopped working because of that. It's just I dont even think about it but actually I did save right before I went out into the plains fortunately...still kind of p'oed though because now I have to go all the way back and get the urn.
8 years ago#9
and whack at the logs all over again...
"if a dog all barks and doesn't bite, just ignore it." -- manonthestreet
8 years ago#10
Thats what I'll probably do...something else, its only rank 3 hunt so nothing special anyway, plus kind of frusterated with it, hate the ones that take forever to show up. Can I have 2 hunts active at same time though??

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