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8 years ago#1
I have started doing a solo and one of the conditions of the game is that I have to complete the Bestiary before I can move onto the next part of the story. So in the beginning I have to get every foe in the Estersand, Giza, the small part of the Zertinan Caverns and the Westersand. I have Vaan levelled up to 50 so there isn't too much of a problem in these areas.

Except for the Gnoma Entite. This proves to be quite a challenge when attempted solo. Most weapons that are available at that stage of the game do little or no damage except for the Burning Bow. Even that doesn't do huge damage, anywhere between 200-400+ with the odd critical hit doing around 700+ damage. When you consider that the Gnoma Entite has over 48,000 HP you can appreciate that it takes a while to whittle that down. On top of that, Gnoma does around 1,200-1,400 damage with magick attacks which increase to 1600+ when critical. It also has a magick CT0 when critical and, believe me, that certainly warms things up on the battle front. Biggest problem of all is Sleepga. You have to time the Alarm Clock just right and it isn't too bad most of the time but when CT0 comes into effect then you have to be pretty sharp because just the slightest delay and you are asleep and that is Game Over.

I made a vid of my battle with Gnoma and it was a long fight....just over an hour! I have uploaded it onto 2 sites which allow longer videos (screw youtube) so if anyone wants to watch it then take your pick from the two links below. One of the sites is Veoh and to be able to watch vids of that length you need to download their player which only takes a minute or so to do. If you don't want to do that then use the link for the Pwn or Die site.

I can thoroughly recommend this battle as it's quite intense; I guess you could shorten the time a bit but I reckon it will take at least 45 minutes. So if you have a pre palace save with Vaan after a bit of Dustia levelling then I suggest you have a crack at Gnoma. It's a lot of fun.


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8 years ago#2
You never cease to amaze me.

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8 years ago#3
Thanks, Jonathan, but I'm not the first to do this. Bmxer31000 has done it and has vids on youtube. I just started this solo and thought I'd video the whole fight and upload it as one vid. Like I said, it's not too hard, just takes a little concentration. :o)
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8 years ago#4
Heh...not only did I beat the Gnoma Entite for the bestiary entry...

I also stole 5 Halcyons...though...this isn't as hard to do ...I just wanted to collect "everything" as early as possible...this included the drops.

And yes...this battle can be nerve racking...Wait until you get to the Salamand Entite...*dirty French laugh*

Either way...Kudos FFGM...*tips hat*

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8 years ago#5
If you try hard enough you could get the zodiac spear right after raithwall. (I got it after I got Larsa at Jahara) although it is kinda extremly game breaking. >__>

same with the deathbringer or a claymore (rare game steal in salikawood)
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8 years ago#6
Tag for later.
8 years ago#7
Thanks, Sir T. The part of the fight that kept me on edge was sleepga, especially when CT was zero. I succumbed to that more than once to that by being too slow >:o[ I guess that Salamand Entite will probably be just as bad as I'm not going to be much stronger by the time I get there.

@ planed scaped

The Zodiac Spear isn't going to help me because I have some limitations on this challenge and the main one is Vaan can only used Ranged Weapons. No attack magicks are allowed and gil toss isn't allowed either. The only shield I can equip is the Ensanguined Shield but then I have to forfeit my weapon. Fun, eh?
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8 years ago#8
how you could possibly sit through an hour of that bullcrap is beyond me, but good job anyways
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8 years ago#9
It's called a challenge, Axel, both doing it and watching it! ;o)
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8 years ago#10
i would rather watch pokemon than attempt that

"Want a cookie?" | f/a
XBL GT: axeeeeeeeeL | Playing: H3, ToV, ToS:DotNW, GoW2
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