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7 years ago#1
I just completed the events at Archadia by defeating Cid and i was just wondering the best place to farm some fast Gil to buy all the new equipment available so i can do some hunts.

My current method is by chaining the Coeurl's in the jungle which nab me some pretty fast gil and will usually get 2-4 Coeurl pelts per kill.

I have noticed that the kills in the Sochen Cave Palace can drop some nice loot which sell for close to 1000 gil but am unsure of any easy ways to chain these monsters.
7 years ago#2
Chain Mirror Knights in the Feywood. You can get a great amount of gil in a pretty short period of time. something like 100,000+
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7 years ago#3
Thanks mate. What area in Feywood would be best. I still havent searched it yet.
7 years ago#4
you go south until you reach the save crystal and it is the area to the east of the save cyrstal there are a ton of Mirror Knights and it is easy to do a loop and zone out by the save crystal.
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7 years ago#5
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
7 years ago#6
Thanks very much for your help mate.
7 years ago#7

The exact area is Walk of Dancing Shadow. The southern half of that area is filled with Mirrorknights. The best way to do it is to run through killing only Mirrorknights, then head east to Antiquity's End (The area with the save point), go north to the next area, then go back to the place with the Mirrorknights and keep chaining. Make sure you don't break your chain. If you can get a 200-kill chain (not hard to do; takes less than an hour) you'll make around 250k-300k Gil selling Mirror mail and the loot they drop.

7 years ago#8
There's a much faster way to get gil. After the events on Mt. Bur-Omisace, one of the Nu Mou (squate "sagey" type guys) right outside the temple will give you a "stone of the condemner" key item. Take this to the Stillshrine of Miriam, go inside, and run all the way to the Teleport pedestal at the back of the room. Activate it and use the Stone of the Condemner. Go through the door to fight the Esper Zeromus (bring lots of X-Potions). After you kill him, you can come back to this room and run around killing the Skeletons that spawn for great money. When they stop spawning, use the teleport pedestal three times to get back to the room for more killing. By far the fastest way to earn money in the game.
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