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Perfect Game Part 6

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3 years ago#1
Links to previous topics
whoops, topic archived! the beginning continues!
Part 2!
Part 3!
Part 4!
Part 5!

My most recent Videos

Inventory at 2000+ Hours

Farming on Cerobi
Part 1 -
Part 2 -

I'm still going strong on Cerobi, grabbing at least 3 treasures a day. New Inventory video won't be too far off now, as i creep toward 2200 hours ^_^
FFXII Perfect game Inventory at 2000+ Hours -
3 years ago#2
was gonna bump the last one, but figured you deserved the last post on it, lol. At least you still seam somewhat sane after all these hours you have put in. I may still have more overall hours, but not on one file like you for sure. I should be somewhere near 3500 by now. Dont play but a couple hours a week now so my perfect game will last till my son is 60.
3 years ago#3
Already Part 6? Thought you'll go on with 5.2 or so. =)

Playing a little here and there, but also not much progress these days. Grabbing a few unimportant loots and stuff like that, so nothing really interesting to say.
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3 years ago#4
well...for however long my ps2 has been on now, i've just been chaining bombshell. today i hit 200 bombshells in a row. whereas previously, i've carefully watched and counted each drop, played little math games in my head to determine where i was falling in the statistical range of expectation for my drops or length of no-drops etc, this time around...given how many things have already gone wrong for me...i have chosen NOT to even look at my yagyus. i have no idea how many i have, and hope to be surprised. i'm guessing i'm at about 50 now, as i started with 19 and drops haven't been terribly good, though not too awful either, but almost all singles. in case something else crashes this round before i can save it, i just don't want to know what i've lost--i think i was around 79 yagyus last time, which was really devastating to go back to 19 from. so i won't know until i save. i've decided i'll save once my chain hits 250, since i want to give the ps2 a rest, and that's a nice halfway point in using up the xp of my characters for the next level too.

i have been keeping an eye on the demon shields i've been stealing on the run--i'm up to 84!

actually got some good play time in these last couple days--but gotta work tonight, so it'll be maybe an hour a day again for the rest of the week, meaning the last 50 won't be quick.
Sentry3X8A Fi Lvl19 477hp S38 Hit%79 Mdef69 Abs44 Dmg38
14124xp 12737g 8H 3P 1Pa Drag[Sw] Irn[A] Slv[Sh] Slv[H] Slv[G] mako scraps, ore (-10K X)
3 years ago#5
ugh. and then my GREAT (sarcasm) luck returned.

in the last 70 bombshell kills, i've had THREE drops. all singles. Basch's xp has been AWFUL for luck. another 15 and i'm gonna save...although i keep feeling like...either i should just break the chain NOW because obviously nothing's gonna drop...or just keep going until i get a GOOD run of luck to make up for all this wasted time getting absolutely nothing. i wanna get things saved. so even though i fully expect to go the rest of the way with no more drops, i'm gonna bust through it and save, then i'll see what i've got. up to 89 Demon Shield steals on the route, though.
Sentry3X8A Fi Lvl19 477hp S38 Hit%79 Mdef69 Abs44 Dmg38
14124xp 12737g 8H 3P 1Pa Drag[Sw] Irn[A] Slv[Sh] Slv[H] Slv[G] mako scraps, ore (-10K X)
3 years ago#6
ugh again. i am somewhat disappointed at my total yagyus. 54. but safely saved away, and better than the 19 i was at before. but at this rate...i'll be needing to kill 500 MORE bombshells...and most other very-rare drops i've managed to max killing about 600 total. for some reason, bombshell's being doubly stingy to me. and with needing to give my ps2 a break, all that time rebuilding the chain each time is going to make me nuts. especially since i'll need to do it at least two more times now. grrrr. but the ps2 is sleeping now, and so should i be. so i'm going to try and do that!
Sentry3X8A Fi Lvl19 477hp S38 Hit%79 Mdef69 Abs44 Dmg38
14124xp 12737g 8H 3P 1Pa Drag[Sw] Irn[A] Slv[Sh] Slv[H] Slv[G] mako scraps, ore (-10K X)
3 years ago#7
Hey Shin and company, been a few months. How's the PG's coming along?
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3 years ago#8
I'll give a detailed update later... i'm just trying to break a couple of milestones before i do =)
FFXII Perfect game Inventory at 2000+ Hours -
3 years ago#9
Alright, that's enough... After my girlfriend just cut off the power by accident after hours without saving I really need a break from this game. Maybe I'll play again in a week or two. Hope to read you again soon.
There was a HOLE here. It's gone now.
3 years ago#10
OK, so i'm long overdue an update. Sorry to keep everyone waiting.

DA Treasures:
Stone Shot x 57 (+3)
Sapping Bolts x 54 (+2)
Time Bolts x 36 (+1)
Dragon Whisker x 31 (+5)
Castellanos x 92 (+11)
Artemis Arrows x 36 (+5)
Euclids Sextant x 31 (+3)
Grand Bolts x 63 (+9)
Water Bombs x 42 (+6)
Holy Rod x 24 (+3)
Assassin's Arrows x 25 (+5)
Fomalhaut x 30 (+4)
Icecloud Arrows x 24 (+6)
Venetion Shield x 43 (+6)
Windslicer Shot x 32 (+3)
Dark Shot x 41 (+6)
Shell Shield x 27 (+4)

Normal Treasures:
Lightening Arrows x 99
Wyrmfire Shot x 99
Mud Shot x 99
Lead Bolts x 99
Parallel Arrows x 99
Poison Bombs x 99
Long Bolts x 99 (+21)
Silent Shot x 33 (+0)

Other Items:
Winged Boots x 99
Chaos Mace x 99
Sorcerer's Habit x 99
Linen Cuirass x 99
Zephyr Pole x 99
Embroidered Tippet x 99
Quasimodo Boots x 99
Leather Gorget x 99
Kaiser Shield x 56 (+8)
Golden Amulet x 81 (+10)
Gillie Boots x 79 (+7)
Armguard x 60 (+15)
Agate Ring x 27 (+3)
Empyrean Rod x 99 (+16)
Kiku-Ichimonji x 83 (+6)
Magepower Shishak x 17 (+4)
Black Robes x 28 (+6)
Nishijin Belt x 44 (+6)
Cloud Staff x 34 (+6)

So Empyrean Rods and Long Bolts are maxed now. I soft reset the last handful to get them finished. I've done a bit of soft resetting to get those Icecloud Arrows up a bit too because they had fallen so far behind. Castellanos is looking great and shouldn't be too long until they max, which will be the first DA treasure to max. My play time is now over 2200 hours which warrants a new Inventory video (the intention is to record it on the weekend) My steps are on 21 million and my Gil is up to 41 million.
FFXII Perfect game Inventory at 2000+ Hours -
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