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4 years ago#1
While I was farming the Dark Lords in the Stillshrine of Miriam, I had Penelo(my main mage), set up to cast Curaja on any undead. With Faith, she does some massive damage, usually a one-hit kill for the Dark Lords.

But then I began to notice that her MP wasn't dropping at all. Could the MP I'm getting back from all my Augments(I have them all) be restoring the MP before it even has a chance to drop? If so, that is hilarious and awesome.
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4 years ago#2
I'm a casual player who rarely does to the end of the endgame in my playthroughs, but I've enjoyed similar gains with lower level magic. To hear that Curaja potentially pulling the same returns is indeed hilarious. As I'm without so much as an endgame save on me at the moment, I'm very much interested in hearing more as it comes up.
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4 years ago#3
Yea i use a sage ring on her and her mp stays full most the time and only goes down cause constant buffing
4 years ago#4
Yeah, that can happen even without the sage's ring. Use an area effect spell against lots of enemies with the same weakness (especially with a rod, staff, or Faith spell) and you'll lose little to no MP.
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