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Mind Flayer

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3 years ago#1
Could use some help please. I'm sure i'm missing something obvious but I saw the hunt, talked to the guy and went to Henne Mines and there was no way for me to get there from the gate crystal area. Ok, so I saw the map lets me access the area from Feywood. Went there and it was blocked off. Could someone help me get this thing going? Thank you.

Oh, and I'm pretty far in the game. I was at Giruvegan but I left before completing.
3 years ago#2
It's been a while since i've had to run around in that area of the Henne Mines so i'll just tell you what my guide says -

Go to Jahara and hire a chocobo from Gurdy. Head eastwards across Haulo Green and take the chocobo path to reach the western entrance of the Henne Mines. Use the gate switchboard to open the gate and head south to the southernmost tunnel of the phase 1 dig.

If you've been using your MP, switch in your reserve party to make him spawn. His spawn condition requires that your active party are above 90% of their max MP.
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3 years ago#3
henne has a warp crystal before the boss...
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3 years ago#4
the warp crystal is not useful if you haven't yet been to Henne at all, because it hasn't been activated yet. iirc, your first trip to Henne mines REQUIRES chocobo travel.
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3 years ago#5
Can you even get mindflayer without being there first and killing Tiamat?

Go left from the boss room OP

Therei s a gate that leads back to the entrance
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3 years ago#6
Thank you for your help - seriously. I will look into this a bit more (when my wife stops hogging the TV). Hopefully I get in there. I'll come back with more info if I still cannot get in.
3 years ago#7
You know what seriously helps? Not being a damned idiot. I was looking at the wrong section of the map for the Mindflayer and was wondering why I couldnt get in. So yes, my tale of frustration began and ends with idiocy. Thanks for the help nonetheless though.

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