Just how negligible is the stat difference between characters?Few levels' worth?

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4 years ago#1
Firstly, I'm playing the original US release of the game, not the International Zodiac version. I'm in Raithwall and am using Balthier (leader/thief/tank), Basch (damage) and Ashe (mage), but I'm needled by the fact that I've ditched Fran. She's fallen 6 levels behind, which I know isn't much to make up (esp. once you get the Embroidered Tippets). I know that she's the overall worst stat-wise, but I keep feeling she's just too badass to let languish.

I'm big on personality and story role (therefore, Vaan and Penelo are out of the question; they're shoehorned into the plot and absolutely worthless story and personality-wise. Anyon else feel gypped?). So, noble FF12 community: convince me if you would that she'll make up for her stat shortcomings or that the difference is negligible in practical play. She would be taking over either Ashe (mage) or Basch's role (damage), more likely Ashe's given Fran's high MP pool, although a Balthier-Fran-Ashe party is appealing.

What does everyone think? Are Fran's stat deficiencies significant enough not to use her, particularly when she's lvl 14 and the others are 20? (I'm miles away from the Embroidered Tippets yet, if I remember correctly.) I could solo with her and level her up, as I just swiped 3 Demonsbane Swords from the tomb and am demolishing everything.

Say Fran is lvl 60 and Ashe is 57 with the same gear. Are Ashe's stats still better? I'm just trying to get an idea of how many levels it takes to make up for the gap.

Thanks, folks!
4 years ago#2

I think you are on the right track. They are really close together, but just a few levels seems to make up the differance. Or at least it did for me.

something else that is strange, the people that kinda start out with certain weapons, you seem like they might be good at them. are NOT that good at them. I think Fran with bow and arrow. and maybe bath with guns. some other people are just a tad better and/or faster.

I think it really matters who you want to see on screen. I run a team of three girls, and rotate them in front. one with a one hand weapon and shield, and two in the back with bow and arrows. Seems to get the job done.

If you are looking to go the toughest things in the game. Equipment and tricks are the way to go. I also do the auto level trick, so I get a few levels that way. Then pick up reddas, and have a team of four tough characters. this usually gets me through many of the last hardest hunts, without much thinking or planning.

Just play who you like to see, Explore around alot, and check every nook and crannie. and you will be fine.

good luck.
Dr. Darrell of Michigan.
4 years ago#3
Hey doc,
Thanks for the response. Yes, I was just reading about your ladies team setup when I was searching around about this. I like the idea, although again, Penelo is just so extraneous to the story, I can't bring myself to use her as one of my 3. And since Balthier seems always to know what to do and calls all the shots (seriously, I don't see enough about this: dude is really the de facto leader of this bunch. He makes all the decisions.), he'll be my main. He is, after all, the Leading Man.

Might have to curveball it up and ditch Basch for Fran as my second damage dealer. I know I'm pretty far away from Katanas, but I seem to remember her being attuned to those (although since we're talking about stats being negligible, I guess it doesn't matter. I think in my heart of hearts I just want to see her swinging a katana around.)

Anyhow, thanks again. Input from any others also appreciated!
4 years ago#4
Vaan does have a tie to the story (SPOILERS-----------------------------------------------------------------------------

His brother Reks was killed, presumed by Basch. Once Vaan learns basch's side to the events, his becomes a personal quest to find his brother's killer and give a nice fat dish of revenge to the SOB. DON'T READ ANYMORE IF YOU HAVE NOT BEATEN THE GAME----------------Did you not see how he ran that blade through Vayne at the end? Pure hatred in it's purest form, revenge. You can bet your sweet butt that one was for Reks, whether Vaan admits it or not. So yah, I like Vaan.
4 years ago#5
jamers posted...
Anyon else feel gypped?

many people like both Penny and Vaan and enjoy the part they play, particularly Vaan's role

if you actually gave a damn about stats you definitely wouldn't drop Vaan

if you know what you're doing you use all chars for efficiency.... if you aren't going to do that then you may as well stick to just 3 throughout and throw stats to the wind... once you're over levelled i can't see how stats matter a damn...
"No-one tries to kill me and gets away with it..."~ Kliamgroq
4 years ago#6
My problem with Vaan is this: (SPOILERS AHEAD)

Imagine that he (and his associates, Penelo and Reks) are removed from the story altogether. Say they never existed.

What happens differently? Instead of Vaan picking up the Dawn Shard or whatever it was he stole from the palace, Balthier swipes it instead; he enters the treasure vault a moment later anyhow. Then the events of the story proceed as usual. There isn't anything in the story, as far as the major (and even minor) plot points go where Vaan's presence is necessary; he was merely swept up in everyone else's adventure.

I read recently that during the game's development, it was planned that Basch was to be the main protagonist, but the developers decided that they needed to appeal to the game's demographic (evidently, teenage boys and teenie-bopper, boy band-worshipping girls in Japan), so they invented Vaan and shifted the story to be told from his *perspective*, but it's evident in the way that the story plays out that he was never planned for the broad strokes of the game's story. He's essentially an observer. You could essentially cut he, Penelo and Reks out of the story with a scalpel, and it would still be the same story, just with less whining.

I mean, look at this picture:


Need I say more?
4 years ago#7
What is with this ******* fanbase and dropping "emo" and "whine" like it's relevant more than approximately 3% of the time?
Seven. Point. Five.
4 years ago#8
Whine or no, the rest stands. He's totally extraneous. That's fine when you're dealing with a large roster like the fourteen playable characters in FFVI, but when you're talking about a cast of six characters and one third of them don't contribute anything to the story, that hurts.

4 years ago#9
jamers posted...
Whine or no, the rest stands. He's totally extraneous. That's fine when you're dealing with a large roster like the fourteen playable characters in FFVI, but when you're talking about a cast of six characters and one third of them don't contribute anything to the story, that hurts.


I'm not saying the game doesn't play out awkwardly, but relative to the rest of the party, Vaan is in the middle of the participation spectrum at worst.

-Penelo is more there to help establish Vaan in the early game than anything related to the story of the game. Pretty superfluous.
-Fran gets a rather nice moment in Eruyt Village, but not much else at all after that. Even her minimal banter is little more than cheap lore.
-Basch is somewhat important to the plot via Gabranth and Asch, but wow does the game do nothing with him.
-Vaan has a huge early game focus, and the "ghost" connection with Asch keeps him more relevant than half the cast. He also has some torque with Gabranth, for what it's worth. He's at least tied with Basch in relevance, for all the complaints about Basch having the lead "stolen" from him. I wouldn't be surprised if the change was made quite early in development.
-Asch and Balthier. Not much to argue; they're basically the protagonists/main characters.

The problem with Vaan's non-participation is a problem most of the cast shares. But looking at it in relative terms, he's a pretty prominent character. You're quite welcome to not like how the party and their adventure was a sidestory; I don't love it, either. I just don't think it's too fair to single out Vaan's role and contributions as such.
Seven. Point. Five.
4 years ago#10
Fair enough.
But back to the matter at hand: Ecclesiastes, any opinion on how much these stat differences weigh into the practical application of a battle team? I guess the main question is, about how many levels' worth of stat increases account for the difference between characters? In other words, if Fran is say four levels ahead of Ashe, will her magic power catch up, or is it closer to eight or so levels? etc.
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