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I'm trying to replay the game, but one thing is bothering me. (Archived)
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Alltra168/9 12:57PM
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Advance page in menu? (Archived)Lolailolailola38/2 10:03AM
New Game Plus would be perfect for this game. (Archived)
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Alltra227/31 5:09AM
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Aadiboy2897/30 6:01AM
Are perfect games still a thing? (Archived)
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AlmasNo1Fan197/29 9:54PM
spoilers: where to get more black orbs? (Archived)orestesdd87/25 4:46AM
Perfect Game Before Jahara, DONE! (Archived)David1NBA37/23 11:55PM
Yiazmat strategy (Archived)
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David1NBA117/23 5:17AM
Final Fantasy IZJS is so freaking awesome. (Archived)
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Nenjii237/21 12:12AM
Ashe's butt is the best thing about final fantasy (Archived)
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Behaviorism197/19 12:54PM
Unbelievable luck, 4 DANJUROS at the same time (Archived)
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David1NBA167/16 11:11AM