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C'mon Vaan, dammit (Archived)adamclark52712/26 7:39AM
Vaan! He's Ok! (Archived)Wary_Wolf812/24 4:22PM
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Story and ending thoughts, eight years later! Spoilers! (Archived)Archmonk Iga812/19 11:42AM
FFX fans...? (Archived)
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Finis-XII7012/18 9:04AM
Are rare game re-spawnable? (Archived)keflyn612/17 3:18PM
Yiazmat battle (Archived)adamclark52812/16 9:28AM
Six and eight drops (Archived)
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Incertarum1612/13 10:28PM
Perfect game question, Rare Game Trophies (Archived)
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DrHamburgerJ1612/9 2:19AM
Game won't allow me to purchase new stuff (Archived)Baldezadore512/6 2:00AM
Good gil-farming area around Mosphoran Highwaste? (Archived)keflyn712/5 10:04AM
Where do I get the status-debuff gambits? (spoilers-ish) (Archived)keflyn612/4 11:16PM
After all these years, I had no idea... (Archived)Zzonkmiles811/29 8:20AM much do the people that dislike this game dislike it? (Archived)
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chaoscatzero5411/26 9:59PM
Amazon has brand new copies in stock (Archived)Zirconarmor30111/26 2:06PM
What did Vayne say to the undying right before the final battle? (Archived)
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KOTRsss1111/26 7:27AM
So it seems FFXII has a new rival for most content heavy game ever made? (Archived)
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Herrx1111/24 6:19PM
Chaining Urutan Exiles (Archived)crazy4rpg511/23 10:31AM
I just wasted 4 hours in the Great Crystal (Archived)
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Zzonkmiles1511/21 11:32AM