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Question about Princess Amalia *possible spoilers* (Archived)
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Depressionism191/29 11:17PM
Really missing this gem of a game, best ff in battle system and top 3 ff for me (Archived)
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incompleteboy181/23 10:47PM
FF12 Live Stream HD emulation (Archived)Xiaoyu42041/23 12:10PM
My game cracked >=( (Archived)VeryDarkSoul41/22 10:05AM
Question about the leveling trick (Archived)Craig_Goulart31/22 2:39AM
Sign this petition to get FF XII HD on the PS3/4!!! (Archived)
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MutantJohn171/20 5:50PM
How fast is "fast" for beating Yiazmat? (Archived)
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Zzonkmiles131/20 1:10PM
Final Fantasy XII hd finally coming? (Archived)
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fabada121/17 1:16PM
Vaan versus Shadowseer (Archived)
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sporefrog08111/17 5:33AM
As a whole, I liked X more, but this one (Archived)NS_Zell51/15 11:45AM
Larvae Eater - Another Anomaly (Archived)nottingham_lace51/15 6:08AM
Cult sworn Lich (Archived)Kanaya41331/14 4:26PM
Eksir Berries Trick (Archived)sporefrog0871/14 12:20PM
Is this a clip of Dr. Cid in this "Did You Know?" DQ video? Spoilers? (Archived)AcidRainLee41/14 10:22AM
Looking for advice on what to do (Archived)HeyImRyan91/11 7:30PM
Is any combination of ECC impossible to beat? (Archived)
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mninp971/8 1:27PM
Balthier is a pretty cool guy, but is he saying some kind of weird stuff? (Archived)
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slk_23171/6 6:28PM
Quick question: Does the game have an option for the original Japanese voices? (Archived)
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SonicFan188141/5 7:10PM
This or FFX HD remake next? (Archived)
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JW ACE121/1 9:22PM
If You Could Have Any Magick/Technick From Any Enemies? (Archived)
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nottingham_lace221/1 4:42PM