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Getting a Mage's Habit out of a Battery Mimic (Archived)crazy4rpg411/17 9:35AM
Why didn't Dalmasca just ally with Rozarria? (Archived)Icewitch311/16 8:48AM
Thunder God Basch (Archived)
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KineticxSoul1911/15 8:42PM
Tournesol before Rafflesia (Archived)David1NBA311/11 4:36AM
Alternative Armour (Archived)Mustang76511/6 11:53AM
NLBLLG again... (Archived)
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sporefrog084111/6 1:02AM
Japanese translation concept of 'license'? (Archived)Vir27711/2 5:51AM
Happy birthday, FFXII! Wow, can't believe it has been eight years already (Archived)slk_23411/1 2:32PM
what are the odds for a PS4 port ? (Archived)Becko511/1 2:12PM
Strill trying to get perfect Level Ups with RNG (Archived)Lolailolailola611/1 8:06AM
Vaan Solo Only Boss LP Low Level Game (OBLPLLG) Topic 5 (Archived)
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TrystXII1311/1 4:38AM
What a fantastic game (Archived)
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-Bungle-1910/31 6:02PM
round 2 (Archived)Tyler_strazza510/31 3:23PM
Button X: A Final Fantasy XII Creepypasta (Archived)Heropon_Riki410/31 3:58AM
A question about the soundtrack. (Archived)Mogupon210/30 12:17PM
Is FFXII the first FF since FFVI to use identical overworld and battle sprites? (Archived)
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slk_231210/29 10:41AM
RE: Less than Zero Percent Glitch (Archived)TrystXII710/27 12:07PM
i just realized (Archived)Tyler_strazza610/26 10:33AM
ASAPLLG continued! =) (possible spoilers) (Archived)
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Machines_Of_Dog1410/26 8:26AM
Best thing about FF12 was the missables. (Archived)
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Gogandantess_XV4410/26 6:45AM