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Final Fantasy IZJS is so freaking awesome. (Archived)
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Nenjii237/21 12:12AM
Ashe's butt is the best thing about final fantasy (Archived)
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Behaviorism197/19 12:54PM
Unbelievable luck, 4 DANJUROS at the same time (Archived)
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David1NBA167/16 11:11AM
Fomalhault > Zodiac spear? And best Suitors (Archived)Zeronic00747/7 1:05PM
is it this difficult to poach a damn Dive Talon? (Archived)Branden_Lucero47/3 11:37AM
Being instantly killed out of nowhere in the Westerland area (Archived)capgamer77/3 8:16AM
How does the bazaar work? (Archived)nightrider32137/2 3:38PM
All notice boards linked? (Archived)VulcanNInja47/2 7:46AM
Data Diving? (Archived)Mir_Vimes17/1 7:10AM
Early game Gil (Archived)VulcanNInja57/1 4:36AM
Tournesol & Staff of the Magi (Archived)SutekiDaNe56727/1 1:24AM
The worst area of the game is (Archived)
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mninp396/30 8:25AM
Killing the Judges on Dreadnaught Leviathan with a Level One solo Vaan (Archived)Wary_Wolf86/30 12:12AM
Stupid question about Mist Charges. (Archived)Kentai1336/29 7:31PM
Diamond Armlet - I just getting Knot of Rust (Archived)orestesdd56/29 9:26AM
Is it worth to level up beyond 60? (Archived)
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orestesdd126/27 10:30PM
How far do I have in the game? *spoiler (Archived)Terrorknight336/27 12:20PM
Favorite Battle Theme from FFXII (Poll)
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Thamauturge216/26 7:43PM
Do you level up every single of one of your character? (Archived)
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Terrorknight3136/26 6:32PM
Best tech (Poll)sarom36/26 11:18AM