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Vaan Solo Only Boss LP Low Level Game (OBLPLLG) Topic 4 (Archived)
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TrystXII546/13 9:15PM
Just screwed my chances of getting the Zodiac Spear... Should I restart my game? (Archived)
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Yoshiguy3971116/13 7:08PM
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Perfect Game Topic 7.5? (Archived)
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Quick Way to Defeat Level 99 Mandragoras In The Feywood (Archived)uutrexx56/13 5:01AM
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What would you add to FFXII? (Archived)
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Lolailolailola116/11 7:25PM
Akitoshi Kawazu: "Mr. Ito (FFXII Director) will return to the FF series soon." (Archived)
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1Truth236/11 3:53PM
Ashe dresses like a slut (Archived)
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Deidara_Uchiha146/11 1:39PM
Is the stat progression simple or does it have kind of rule? (Archived)Relentless63946/10 3:57PM
SPOILERS - Dantro's wife sidequest - unable to trigger it (Archived)
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orestesdd136/7 3:37AM
This should have been a hidden character (spoilers) (Archived)ldelfino76/5 7:48AM
If I own Scenario and Battle Ultimania books... (Archived)Tyrone_Love16/3 5:57AM
got some super sword i had no idea existed (Archived)SectionX285/30 1:15PM
I played this game years ago... Question, what is the best guide? (Archived)orestesdd105/28 11:26AM