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If I own Scenario and Battle Ultimania books... (Archived)Tyrone_Love16/3 5:57AM
got some super sword i had no idea existed (Archived)SectionX285/30 1:15PM
I played this game years ago... Question, what is the best guide? (Archived)orestesdd105/28 11:26AM
What makes a Final Fantasy game a "Final Fantasy Game"? (Archived)
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JimiMorrison187415/27 2:31PM
Not another Level 1 Vaan solo game... (Archived)Wary_Wolf65/26 10:44AM
A Knife thru my Heart.... (Archived)
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Joolsy145/24 2:20AM
Dustia Zone-Out Glitch (Archived)
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cyber6724165/23 9:04PM
Alexander O Smith (FF8/10/12, Vagrant Story, Ace Attorney) is doing a Reddit AMA (Archived)W_Mark_Felt_Sr25/22 8:52PM
How good is FFXII? (Archived)
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Orichalon94475/22 4:00AM
Only thing i HATE about this game is... (Archived)
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SeeDSquallBM195/22 12:40AM
Dynast-King Raithwall: Tyrant? (spoilers) (Archived)Tryscal The Great45/21 11:33PM
Perfect level-ups manipulating the RNG (Archived)
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ldelfino355/21 11:32PM
Some speculation on Kazutoyo Maehiro (FFXII Main Battle System Designer) (Archived)1Truth55/21 12:41PM
Would you be happy with this version of FFXII HD? (Archived)
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evillocke245/21 3:32AM
Hiroshi Minagawa (FFXII, Tactics Ogre PSP Director): "I'd love FFXII on PS Vita" (Archived)1Truth105/18 5:44PM
what is RNG? Any guide explaining RNG? Thanks. (Archived)orestesdd85/18 5:33PM
making a video guide (Archived)
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RealXaenith155/15 11:52AM
Playthrough of IZJS (Archived)KadeAuron35/15 9:55AM
Wanting a cousin to experience this game (Archived)
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Thamauturge165/15 12:11AM
Let's say you can add up to 30 extra minutes worth of cutscenes to this game.. (Archived)Aadiboy295/12 12:31PM