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Espers (Archived)
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KineticxSoul2610/7 11:58PM
Everyone says that espers suck, but... (Archived)Aadiboy2210/7 11:33PM
FF Character Appreciation Topic (Archived)
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Archmonk Iga1310/7 11:19PM
Do you guys actually think there's a chance for an HD remaster? (Archived)
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theofficefan992310/6 4:44PM
considering SE is remastering a lot of there ps2 titles, and going HD... (Archived)PSOGuy25410/5 6:09AM
Are there any RPGs like this or similar on Xbox 360? (Archived)
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musikx00xguru2010/4 9:13PM
Widescreen or Normal Screen. Wich do you prefer and why? (Archived)Mustafa3105310/2 6:34AM
After seeing Type-0 HD, do you want a remaster for this on PS4? (Poll)
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judge-sal1410/1 4:38PM
Getting Vaan with starting Perfect HP/MP (Archived)Lolailolailola49/30 1:59PM
FFXV - Gambit system returns? (Director outlines FFXV's battle system) (Archived)HenrySpencer1099/29 4:12PM
Better guide for sidequest coverage? (Archived)saint3529/28 6:59PM
Final Fantasy XV looks like it might be the next XII... (Archived)
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TrystXII129/25 2:43PM
Anyone else feel that Reks... *spoilers* (Archived)
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TheAmorousTheAm279/24 5:10PM
Plot Holes (Archived)
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ShinGouken329/22 7:27PM
I was looking at the boardlist... (Archived)iansaito59/20 8:39AM
ASAP LLG challenge blog... (spoilers?) (Archived)Machines_Of_Dog59/20 4:39AM
Just port to vita, or at least steam already! (Archived)FalxXD59/19 1:03PM
Prettiest Viera (Poll)
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FinalFLuver329/17 4:21PM
First impressions of Larsa. (Archived)
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Ecclesiastes273169/17 5:54AM
Orange Crystal and Anchor Location (Archived)FinalFLuver69/14 10:43AM