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Classes for my Second FFXII Playthrough (Archived)
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SNeIa114/18 5:06AM
Ahh the mist it burns!! (Archived)CalciferX85104/18 1:42AM
Do you guys consider Vayne to be..........*spoilers* (Archived)
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Flamechamp2333154/17 4:53PM
Hey umm... (Omega Mark XII question) (Archived)
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victoringram144/17 3:28AM
How did I used to think the music in this was lackluster? (Archived)
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BardWannabe164/15 9:14PM
Made a Quickening mistake. (Archived)
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Yoshiguy3971154/15 5:39AM
So for an HD remake, do you think they'll... (Archived)Irishninja22774/14 3:55PM
Hope for ffxii remake? SE plans to... (Archived)
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FalxXD154/14 7:49AM
What is Ghis's off-hand weapon supposed to be? (Archived)Dachimotsu44/11 2:46PM
Would you buy if there's an Ivalice Alliance Remastered Collection ? (Poll)
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Dark_Placebo274/11 1:43PM
Would you accept FFXII Revenant Wings over new content in FFXII HD Remaster? (Poll)
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1Truth894/8 2:02AM
similar games on ps3 (Archived)
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Frugone164/7 7:36AM
Was SUPER excited to play this, but GameStop sold me a broken disc (Archived)Gojeran74/6 1:20PM
My guess on canon classes. (Archived)
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Yoshiguy3971154/6 8:39AM
Best looking weapons in FFXII? (Archived)
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evoxpisces144/5 8:02PM
If you had multiples of the best equipment what set ups would you make? (Archived)
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wpninja114/5 3:15PM
Will it work on PS3? (Archived)Dreamwalker-SJM64/5 2:32PM
Are there any items or special stuff that I can possibly miss in my playthrough? (Archived)epyon199584/4 9:48PM
Well, that's...interesting. (Archived)blootabby34/3 5:58AM
Is it possible to possess every item on the license board? (Archived)SheenavsKilley84/3 5:55AM