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How to get around the "the game plays itself" argument (Archived)
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KarateJons288/30 3:07PM
With FFType-0 HD for PS4/Xbox One, what platform(s) will get FFXII HD Remaster? (Poll)
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1Truth968/28 3:36AM
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multiple serpentarius and gem steels available from bazaar? (Archived)nothingtrue58/23 9:15AM
I have to say, this is probably my favorite "game world" to visit. (Archived)
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Ceebs188/22 10:51AM
Ultima behind Gran Kiltias Anastasis in Mt. Bur-Omisace temple? (Archived)ReclusiveRook48/21 6:55PM
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ARM codes-break damage limit? (Archived)joshuabarjoseph58/20 8:18AM
Miguelo is ace... (Archived)Calmlander78/17 9:07AM
I have no idea how Split does it sometimes (Archived)
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JoseChung178/16 12:13PM
Which generally is better for boss fights? (Archived)nightrider32158/15 10:52AM
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Beating Orthros ASAP (Archived)JoseChung58/13 5:35AM
I'm trying to replay the game, but one thing is bothering me. (Archived)
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Alltra168/9 12:57PM