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Started a new game. What're my options? (Archived)Microcastle73/11 6:37PM
Tips for a beginner? (Archived)
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PackAttack91133/11 4:16PM
Just beat this game for the first time *spoilers* (Archived)
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DarkHeroRaven123/6 5:18PM
Balthier Golden Moments (Archived)PerfectZedor13/5 3:29PM
Got out my old ps2, Dusted it off, It played FFX, but did not play FF12 (Archived)drclaeys93/5 10:55AM
Why are Balthier and Fran disadvantaged with their thematic weapons? (Archived)blaisem63/4 4:13PM
gear question and a case for shields (Archived)MKneller73/4 2:04PM
Need tips (Archived)
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Goku61394423/3 8:12PM
What happens if I use to many black orbs in a pillar of light at Penumbra? (Archived)zombie_blaster33/3 7:42PM
Is their a good gun for baltheir early game? (Archived)Youngsimba103/3 7:18PM
Does it matter who I sell my loot to, or where? (Archived)nokillingmoths32/27 5:42PM
Is the Zodiac Spear's incredibly meager appearance just for the sake of irony? (Archived)slk_2372/27 9:24AM
Best place to train my reserves? (Archived)
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Tyurru360132/26 1:32PM
Balthier, Vaan and Ashe, Party advice? I'm also feeling kinda underleved. Help? (Archived)CelestialDesire52/26 1:14PM
Pretty much the only thing I dislike about this game (Archived)Legendary_Musas102/26 12:52AM
Rasler should have been a party member. (Poll)
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Kou-Nurasaka232/24 8:37AM
How long would it realistically take to HDify it? (Archived)Legendary_Musas22/24 6:12AM
If there's going to be a remaster, I hope they fix the Magic queue (Archived)
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Dark_Placebo142/23 9:49PM
Quick question about time left until ending (Archived)LFBlackLabel82/23 9:44PM
great crystal upper (Archived)EarlGreyXIII52/22 8:15AM