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Matthew vs. Legault

#1GreatAether0Posted 2/28/2009 3:14:32 PM
Thief Lv 20
HP- 31
STR- 15
SKL- 17
SPD- 20
DEF- 7
RES- 5

Thief Lv 20
STR- 10
SKL- 14
SPD- 20
LUCK- 15
DEF- 8
RES- 4
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#2Monkey_SlayerPosted 2/28/2009 3:21:25 PM
The purpose of this topic? Another one of your useless PE topics?
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#3DarkAres_02Posted 2/28/2009 5:51:18 PM
Matthew with 15 Strength?! Holy RNG abuse!
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#417MasterPosted 2/28/2009 5:52:53 PM
It's a good thing stats besides Speed are the primary purpose of Thieves.

O wai...
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#5DemonKinguPosted 2/28/2009 6:10:38 PM
I'd say neither. Use thieves only for stealing and looting. Assassins are kind of bad units anyway. Plus, you can only really have one. Because, well, buying a Fell Contract is just....

In short, I'd say Marcus is your man.
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#6FroggyOverlordPosted 2/28/2009 6:16:01 PM
you can have 2 assasins. jafar + the one fell contract you get.

but the fell contract is too valuable to use, so i guess you can say you only get one assasin.
#717MasterPosted 2/28/2009 6:27:52 PM
I heard that one of the secret shops sells Fell Contract. Is that true?
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When it's mutually beneficial to go way, GO AWAY. Geez.
#8deprecePosted 2/28/2009 7:23:09 PM
Yes. Its the chapter with Listimilla (whatever her name is) its right above the gate around some trees.
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#9KoukiToraPosted 2/28/2009 7:44:42 PM
Its also expensive as crap.
#10powerofzeoPosted 2/28/2009 10:00:46 PM
Crap is expensive?
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