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How do I go about grinding Nino? (Archived)
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PrettyTonyTiger134/1 6:41AM
12 years and it still bugs me now. Why does Murdoch still look the same? (Archived)3_1_1_FTW53/29 9:02AM
Pro tip for noobs. (Archived)Kanto25533/29 6:37AM
How screwed would you say this Eliwood was? (Archived)EclairReturns63/28 3:06PM
If you could change everyone's class, what would you change it to? (Archived)michaelsoftman103/27 7:12AM
Most Messed Up Playthrough Ever (Archived)CrimsonFlash2133/26 12:02PM
The result of using the CEG to give Afa's drops to an enemy was expected, but (Archived)DarkChozoGhost33/24 7:47PM
Should I care that Merlinus is in my battle records screen? (Archived)EclairReturns33/23 10:16AM
How does Awakening compare to this game? (Archived)
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WebsandWigs133/22 12:54PM
How hard is EHM compared to HHM? (Archived)
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EclairReturns143/22 10:54AM
bonus items (Archived)slayerofevil513/22 8:08AM
anyone have an idea for a creative challenging play through? (Archived)walterwhite2383/21 8:03PM
Is there a real point for the Link Arena anymore? (Archived)EclairReturns23/21 7:42PM
so i got this the other day but uh... how do you make a theif steal items? (Archived)king_of_tactics23/18 9:34PM
ENM Unranked, which flier should I take? (Archived)TehYogurt7723/16 7:26AM
Can anyone confirm the trigger for Chapter 25/27's map? *spoilers* (Archived)EclairReturns73/15 10:12PM
Fire Emblem Draft (Archived)Seraphinite23/14 6:04PM
I have one Earth Seal to use on either Kent or Wallace. (Archived)EclairReturns43/14 11:36AM
The RNG gods are unkind (Archived)kacaveliki13/13 9:17PM
So, wait. (Eliwood/Ninian support after Ch. 28) (Archived)Indori33/13 12:08PM