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Voice Actors Needed for Fire Emblem 7 Fandub Series (Archived)RoyHavenstone18/25 8:51AM
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Favourite scene/support with emphasis on a male character, or 50/50 boy/girl? (Archived)RoyHavenstone68/24 9:04AM
I just noticed how awesome the Europe VC image for this game is (Archived)OrangeCrush98038/23 7:30PM
Why is Hector the only one with a hard mode? (Archived)ThatKipp78/23 5:48AM
Eliwood. Eli Wood. Elijah Wood. (Archived)DarkChozoGhost28/23 3:43AM
EHM S-Rank run. How much stuff do I buy and when? (Archived)Snesman6438/21 2:53PM
FE:7 Background hack? (Archived)charlieregal18/20 10:31PM
HHM no reset playthrough (Archived)walterwhite2338/20 12:42PM
Enemy AI: Predicting what the enemy units will do. (Archived)Snesman6458/19 10:43PM
Why does the game get so much harder toward the very end? (spoilers) (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
slk_23138/19 12:59PM
Raven is most susceptible to being RNG screwed. (Archived)Gaming_Mastery38/17 9:07AM
Just started up a lets play in this game. (Archived)Allanon2398/14 5:27PM
HHM, Cog of Destiny. Vaida is not appearing. No, I didn't kill her. (Archived)Snesman6438/11 5:10PM
Does anyone have an idea what the average level might be at these chapters? (Archived)TheLonius50078/8 2:19PM
First Time Playing, Chapter 6 - Why can't I use magic? (Archived)jmrich2858/5 2:40PM
First time playing this game. Need advice/help. (Archived)
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Frostheat_22128/5 9:02AM
I can never complain about Hector Hard Mode again (Archived)LukeSkyvvalker68/3 7:49AM
Arena Abuse help (Archived)EurAsianGirl37/31 9:13AM