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Best Characters Day 6 (Take 2), Mercenaries/Heroes (Poll)
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JacobN43174/8 11:10PM
Best Characters Day 5, Myrmidons/Sword Masters (Poll)
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Best Characters Day 6, Mercenaries/Heroes (Poll)JacobN4354/6 8:29PM
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High level magic tomes (Archived)Paladin84/5 6:38AM
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Best Characters Day 4, Knights/Generals (Poll)
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JacobN43114/1 1:17PM
Any females on this board? (Archived)EcchiBaka93/31 10:32PM
Guy is a pretty alright unit, I think (Poll)
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Mustavus113/30 4:27PM
Unusually high/low stats you've had. (Archived)
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TheDarion173/29 7:55PM
Best Characters Day 2b, Cavaliers/Paladins (Spoilers) (Poll)
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JacobN43133/27 3:10AM
kishuna (Archived)Dylan320or42013/24 1:02PM
Best Characters Day 2a, Cavaliers/Paladins (Spoilers) (Poll)JacobN4363/23 7:18PM
Best Characters Day 1, Lords (Spoilers) (Poll)JacobN4393/22 9:26AM
Fire Emblem: Different Dimensions: Ostian Princess hack (Archived)
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AxemRedRanger143/20 10:55PM
Face Off! Battle of the Bows! (Archived)Darnocius93/20 7:28AM
EHM has the cruelest RNG. (Archived)TheDarion43/19 12:33AM
So my Battery just died (Archived)
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Inuyasha8908113/16 9:03AM
Face Off: Axe to the Max! (Archived)Darnocius93/16 2:10AM