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biased/unfair review? (Archived)
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rpghunter2147/26 9:55PM
You know what I always thought would be cool? *spoilers for FE4* (Archived)LukeSkyvvalker77/24 6:05PM
stat-up items in lyn's story. to use or not to use? (Archived)wishseeker23437/23 6:04PM
a question concerning the link function in japanese version (Archived)wishseeker23427/23 9:25AM
Link to S-Rank HHM Tactician Screen (Archived)ReddShope47/17 3:22AM
So... Happy 10th anniversary, UK FE7? (Archived)fawful_X17/15 5:00PM
Raven is most susceptible to being RNG screwed. (Archived)Gaming_Mastery47/15 4:25PM
Straight-up impossible to beat HHM chapter 21, can anyone do this? (Archived)
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d1v3r7127/15 2:16PM
Been thinking... (Archived)MrPibbs1187/10 10:46AM
They should do a remake of this game (Archived)
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SizableMattress137/9 3:26PM
Playing Hector Ironman (Archived)PhoenixNine107/6 6:16AM
I did a piano cover of the opening theme, History Unveiled. (Archived)Mjollnirfalls26/30 8:01PM
So as of now what is your favorite Fire Emblem game in the series? (Archived)
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okamhunite226/29 1:54PM
Raven is the most susceptible to being my username. (Archived)DarkHeroRaven26/24 8:55AM
Hector Hard Mode continues to be... well hard. Need help with Ch 22 (Archived)Darnocius46/23 5:30PM
boss convos (spoilers) (Archived)silver12345678936/17 9:35AM
Best Characters Poll Results (Archived)JacobN43106/13 8:46AM
stuck on chapter 20 (defeat oleg) (Archived)saxplaya66/10 10:59PM
Best Characters Day 20, Special Units (Poll)
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JacobN43236/10 7:03PM
Difficulty wise, how does this game stack up to the rest? (Archived)
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Drakillion216/6 12:33AM