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User Info: Gryphon_Lord

8 years ago#1
AD 2101―
A war began.
Captain: What was that?
Engineer: It seems that someone has planted some explosives.
Communication operator: Captain! Receiving transmission!
Captain: Eh?!
Communication operator: Visual incoming on the main screen.
Captain: Y...You!
CATS: (You) Look busy, gentlemen.
CATS: Assisted by the Federation Government forces, CATS has taken all of your bases.
CATS: Your ship is about to meet its doom as well.
Captain: This is absurd!
CATS: We are thankful for your cooperation.
CATS: Cherish these few remaining moments of your lives.
CATS: Ha ha ha ha ha...
Communication operator: Captain....
Captain: (I) Order launching all ZIG units!!
Captain: We have no choice but to entrust this to them....
Captain: The hope of our future...
Captain: (We're) Counting on you, ZIG!!

Got this from Wikipedia

User Info: xF0x

8 years ago#2
Japanese version (from FAQ):

A.D. 2101
The battle began

Outside Ship - An explosion occurs.

Ship's Bridge
Captain: "What happened!?"
Mechanic: "Someone detonated bombs all around us!"

Close-Up of Excited Communications Officer
Operator: "Captain! Incoming transmission!"
Captain: "What!?"

Ship's Bridge
Operator: "Image coming through on the main monitor."
(CATS appears)
Captain: "You... you are...!!"

Close up of CATS
CATS: "You appear to be preoccupied, gentlemen." (sarcasm)
CATS: "Thanks to the cooperation of the UN forces,
all of your bases now belong to CATS."
CATS: "Your ship too, shall soon be destroyed."

Close up of captain & CATS
Captain: "Im.. Impossible!" (or "F.. Foolishness!")
CATS: "We thank you for your cooperation." (more sarcasm)
CATS: "Enjoy the remaining moments of your lives...."

Ship's Bridge
CATS: "Hahahahaha ...."

Close up of Forlorn Captain
Operator: "Captain!?"

Ship's Bridge (ZIGs on monitors)
Captain: "Launch all ZIG fighters!"

Shows a ZIG pilot powering up
Captain: "All we can do is entrust it to them..."

Shows a ZIG moving into launch position
Captain: "Give us hope for our future..."

ZIGs on monitors, Bridge Explodes
Captain: "We're counting on you, ZIG!!"

The ship explodes.
A lone ZIG zooms into view!
"Unless its a farm!!"
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