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7 years ago#1
Ok so I owned this game a while and got a new computer installed it. I started the game and changed the settings from "LOW" to "ultra" and all the special effects on and 16x anti-aliasing i started it again but, My resolution is somewhat 800x600 pixels. So in fact i have a great game running on high textures but, with a s***ty razor edge everywhere. what can i do?
7 years ago#2
...Turn the resolution up under the System menu?
"Also, I just really can't think of any good ideas."
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7 years ago#3
Simple your issue is the game isn't designed for Vista. Vista's security prevents unauthorized programs from changing file contents and Doom 3 wasn't around when Vista came out . So every time you try to change the resolution, Vista changes it back as part of its security system. You need to open the doomconfig file as admin and learn to edit it manually (there's guides on it) unless id software goes back and updates the game for vista. I edit it that way anyways as its the only way to get the game in widescreen.
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7 years ago#4
I've heard of Vista players having no such issues, so it might be something else. Regardless, keep a backup of your .CFG files if you decide to edit anything.

You can also force resolution changes through the console. Hold down Ctrl and press ~. This will bring down the console. Enter the following command:

set r_mode -1

After that, you can manually change the resolution with the following commands:

r_customheight [resolution height in pixels]

r_customwidth [resolution width in pixels]

So if you wanted to force 1024x768 resolution, you'd enter:

r_customwidth 1024

r_customheight 768

If that makes any sense at all.
"Also, I just really can't think of any good ideas."
-Koji Igarashi, Producer of the Castlevania series
7 years ago#5
Well, you're not the only one. I have been having the same problem, and I am positive that my graphics card/processor (Whichever is the one that affects it) can handle it. Also, I've attempted to change the resolution manually, but to no prevail.

So far, my attempts have all been in-game. I've opened up the command prompt (Ctrl + Alt + ~):
-Typed in "r_mode -1"...hit enter.
-Typed in "r_customwidth 1920...hit enter.
-Typed in "r_customheight 1080...hit enter.
-Hit ~...Command Propt changes.

I tried to make this as exact as possible to what I've been doing. If anything has been done incorrectly, please let me know. Maybe it doesn't support 1920x1080...I'll try next in 720. If I have any luck I'll post on here.

I realize that this isn't really helpful as far as 16x antialiasing (I'm sure that's spelled wrong. Sorry, I'm semi-new to this) is concerned, but if you're having the same problems I've been having, then I'm sure any discussion will help.
7 years ago#6
Well, I couldn't get the custom aspect ratio to work, so I just settled on r_aspectratio 1, which is 16:9 mode. Game looks fantastic. I've had this game since it's release, and this is the first time I've been able to play it without any lag, much less on it's highest resolution. Thank you computer upgrade!

Good luck figuring out how to get 16x to work.
7 years ago#7
nada didn't work. tryed my used resolution 1680x1050 doesn't work.
7 years ago#8
Vista 64? A google search on this has most people showing Vista 64 when they say they have this particular problem. ( I have it too and Vista 64 bit Ultimate) Some said that making the autoexec.cfg file works, others.. no. I don't have it working and gave up on the issue.
Vista 64 seems to have alot of annoyances with me. Steam doesn't work right and Doom 3 video settings won't change. Great OS, when things are designed for it.
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