Anyone else think Nell is hot?

#1romsnbombsPosted 3/1/2009 12:24:31 PM
Damb, she looks like Kelly Bundy or something! I think I'm in love! : )
#2TintoPosted 3/1/2009 8:19:28 PM
Nell hentai exists, or so I've heard from resident hentai fanatics at one point or another....

In any event, she gets uglier with each passing game.
#3Linkman 145Posted 3/6/2009 8:20:07 PM
Yeah, I noticed that. They keep making her look older and older (which is weird cause Max and Grit, which we could argue are around the same age, don't seem to get any older.)
I don't like pies. (Well maybe meat pies...)
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