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Poll: What do you name your protagonist? Also... (Poll)falconesque510/5 8:51AM
Hopkins Residence In Triste (Archived)ChronoCactaur29/7 6:25AM
Compatibility gift guide (Spoilers) (Archived)yohyzo47/21 8:39AM
Poll: Your favorite party (Poll)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ]
falconesque645/27 10:40AM
Link Updates: Bokumao preview movie, Sigre dungeon maps (Archived)falconesque15/14 1:04PM
Yet Another Update On My YouTube Playthrough (Archived)ChronoCactaur45/6 7:20AM
Update on my YouTube Playthrough (Archived)ChronoCactaur52/21 9:55AM
Found the ADDASHI DESERT theme in another song. (Archived)SpaceshipDragon62/20 1:28PM
If there was ever an Okage remake, what changes would you like? (Archived)ChronoCactaur22/14 8:43AM
Finally going to be doing a YouTube playthrough of this (Archived)ChronoCactaur68/22/2014
Wise Old Lady (Archived)MetalGearNaruto28/5/2014
Poll: Okage Honorable-Mentioned in Dessert Top 10 (6/9/2014) (Poll)falconesque16/14/2014
How to tell if spells work (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Want the Reunion Outfit (Archived)AngelPeach54/19/2014
Evasion items (Archived)yohyzo54/12/2014
Okage Honorable-Mentioned in Top 10 (3/8/2014) (Archived)falconesque33/17/2014
Low Level Game (Archived)ReunionMerc563/1/2014
Okage Garners Third FotM Award (Archived)falconesque11/25/2014
Buried Treasure, More Monster Droppings, More Stanley (Archived)falconesque212/12/2013
Differences between this and Boku to Maou (Archived)LemonPenguin111/4/2013
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